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Buy 4×4 accessories at AutoCraze. Our range of 2017 4×4 accessories and suits most makes and models including the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Mazda BT-50, Holden Colorado, Jeep Wrangler, Nissan Navara NP300 and many more. From the touch of your finger tips, shop through over 10,000 4×4 accessories including wheels, tyres, lift kits, fender flares, grilles, cosmetic trims, retractable power steps and a whole bunch more to toughen your rig.

Specs: ► Ford Ranger ► Tough Dog 2″ Lift Kit w/ AutoCraze Springs ► 18” Fuel Vapor – Black Machined w/ Dark Tint ► 305/60/18 BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tyres ► Custom LED Raptor style grille ► Flares ► Light Covers ► Bonnet Scoop ► Genuine Ford Nudge Bar

Have them delivered to your home or bring your 4×4 to our store to have them installed. We’re open 7 days. We also deliver Australia-wide with fast and free shipping*. Buy now, pay later with 12 Months Interest Free finance for 4×4 accessories. Our 4WD specialists have over 30 years combined industry experience to ensure that every purchase you make with AutoCraze is backed by our 100% fitment guarantee. MTA approved and working with top suspension, 4WD and wheel manufacturers, we’re always on top of our game.



Wheels and tyres can completely change the look of your car. The stance (how it sits) and performance can dramatically change with a fresh set of wheels and tyres. Shop over 6000 4×4 action wheels from leading 4×4 brands like Fuel, KMC, Grid, Tuff, Simmons, Ballistic, Black Rhino and many more. Pair it with any of our highway terrain, all terrain or mud terrain tyres with a combination of over 3000 tyres.

We have tyres to accommodate all budgets from value for money tyres to tough and aggressive tyres. Upgrade to top brands including BF Goodrich, Nitto, Achilles, Hankook and lots more. It’s easy too, just select your car make, model and size and we’ll give you a list to drool over. Our fitment specialists take special care to get you look you want. For all our wheel and tyre packages we offer free fitting and balancing, free accessories and a 100% fitment guarantee.Call 1800 099 634 today to speak to our specialists today.



If you were to just buy one 4×4 accessory on this list, that has one of the highest impacts in looks and performance, then a lift kit should be your first choice. 4X4 suspension serve more than just getting a tall truck. It’s about having the flexibility when off-roading and the ability to customise your ride even further. For extra ground clearance, lift kits bring the body of the car further away from floor. With debris bumps, lift kits help protect all your car’s important components.


Browse through industry leading brands with years of tried and tested off-roading experience from Bilstein, Tough Dog, Dobinson, EFS and lots more. Brand new for 2017 is the AutoCraze Lift Kit. Using components from top class brands and catering them to the Australian market. Combining parts from Tough Dog, King Springs and Super Pro, we have designed a lift kit that is well optimised for both on-road and off-road driving. To find out more call 1800 099 634.


Dominate every other car with extra height that towers over the masses. Give yourself extra flexibility by going bigger with your wheels and tyres for that American truck look or extra grip performance with bigger rubber. Watch this video to see the AutoCraze lift kit in action;




Fender flares are one of the most functional and toughest accessories you can put on your truck. These 4×4 accessories are the perfect combination when purchasing wheels and tyres because it opens you up for a wider range of customisation options. Fender flares toughens your truck, keeps road debris off the body of your 4×4 and ensures that your wheels and tyres comply with Australian law.

In Australia and certain states, tyres and wheels that protrude past the fenders are illegal. Fender flares 4×4 accessories combat this to ensure a flush fitment allowing a wider range of customisation options. This means you can go wider on your wheels and tyres giving a more aggressive stance. With deeper wheels you’re able to achieve more dish and more concave as your range of off-sets dramatically improve.

When going off-road, purchasing the right 4×4 accessories can protect your truck. Tyres with aggressive tread patterns (in particular mud tyres) can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. The improved traction and control on any terrain is what you’re looking for. What you’re not looking for is the debris being kicked back up onto your 4WD damaging your paint work or worse. Fender flares are great at catching the debris and putting it back to where it belongs away from your beautiful paint job,



Weather shields are a simple and affordable yet effective way to improve your 4×4. It’s one of those the 4×4 accessories you can learn to appreciate without realising. Not only stylish but helps reduce glare and deflect wind, rain, bugs and dirt from both the passenger and driver’s side. Breathing fresh air is a part of the off-roading experience and having the window up due to rain hampers the fun. With weather shields you’re able to wind down your windows and keep the rain out.

Check our build with weather shields:

Buy weather shields at AutoCraze, with pre-made shapes made to fit specifically for your vehicle. Using high quality 3M tape to attach to your vehicle, you won’t have to worry about it falling off or drilling into your car. Made from top quality reinforced acrylic in a dark smoke colour material, these are great 4×4 accessories. It also comes with a 12 month warranty for peace of mind.



Grilles make a massive difference to your 4WD. Easy to install yet making one of the biggest impacts on your car, there is no denying grilles are a must have for any 4×4 enthusiast. Stand out from the rest with specially crafted grilles that accommodate most makes and models ranging from older vehicles to brand new 2017 models. AutoCraze’s range of 4×4 accessories grilles are made from durable ABS plastic and are also available with light lettering and led light options to take it to the next level.

Also coming in a variety of colours including red, green, orange and so many more, you can match the grille to your ride.Designed with easy self installation without having to drill or cut, adding these 4×4 accessories will toughen your rig. Lighting options also come with a wiring kit and 12 months warranty.




Searching for that extra touch without blowing the bank in your 4×4 accessories is easy. From petrol tank covers and bonnet vent scoops to head and tail light trims, these 4×4 cosmetic trim accessories are for extra detail and maximum effect. Every element matters when customisation is involved and when you’re taking your 4×4 off or on road, standing out has never been more important. Easy to install, great quality and perfect for any condition, don’t take for granted the little details that make a tough truck stand out.




Rather than a traditional accelerator cable, many modern vehicles use a ‘fly by wire’ throttle technology. This system relies on a sensor that measures the pedal pressure and position and sends a signal to the vehicle’s engine computer which converts to acceleration. Many of these fly by wire systems have a noticeable delay. The iDRIVE 4×4 accessories allows you to tune the signal from the accelerator pedal with multiple inbuilt settings to ensure you find a setting that suits your driving style.

Eco Mode: ECO mode is designed for economy by reducing the accelerator response time. Also handy when you are on trails and looking for a bit more throttle control when crawling.

Ultimate Mode: Ultimate Mode offers 9 sensitivity levels allowing the driver to tune the controller to the desired level of sensitivity. Choose level 9 and grip the steering wheel tight or hit level 1 for a gentle smooth acceleration.

AC Mode: Automatic control mode automatically selects the sensitivity level based on pedal pressure. If you are in traffic and accelerating gently the iDRIVE will automatically choose a reduced level of throttle response. If you accelerate hard for overtaking or just even just for fun the iDRIVE will choose a mode with an increased level of throttle .




The all brand new retractable power step is taking Australia by storm. The futuristic design and off-road functionality are sure fire hits. Step boards, bar side steps, rocker bars, running boards or whatever your configuration, they all serve the same purpose. Planting your foot getting in and out of your 4×4 is not only a necessity but an experience.

At AutoCraze we’re bringing the next evolution of side steps with our range of retractable power steps. These 4×4 accessories extend when opening your door and retracts when closing the door. The instant wow-factor is enough to make anyone drool but they were designed for off-roading enthusiasts too. Made from high quality, heavy duty material, these side steps were made to take a beating. Retracting the side steps protects all the major components when dealing with debris and the unknown wild. The added peace of mind that you know that your 4×4 accessories won’t be damaged when taking it on a trail is worth every cent.

Never fear with getting a foot stuck when retracting. Using state of the art  technology, the retractable power step recognises when there is an obstruction and instantly stops retracting giving you enough space and comfort to avoid remove any obstruction.






With over 5000 wheels and over 3000 tyres, our range of wheels and tyres are the biggest in Australia. These include industry leading brands to accommodate all types of budgets and all vehicles. With such a huge range, you’ll find a style that suits your tastes including dish, concave, thick spoke, thin spokes and hundreds of colour to choose from.

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rims100% FITMENT GUARANTEE

Regardless if you buy online or in store, our fitment guarantee assures that your wheel and tyres will fit your vehicle properly. Our comprehensive database of wheels and tyres online make buying wheels and tyres easy. All you have to do is select your vehicle make, model and desired wheel size, and all the wheels and tyres you see are guaranteed to fit your vehicle.

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rimsIN-HOUSE EXPERTS

With over 30 years combined experience in the wheel and tyre industry, our in-house experts really know their stuff. We ask the right questions that others won’t, to provide the perfect fitment that comply with all Australian standards according to your specifications guaranteed. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email (customerservice@autocraze.com.au) or over the phone (1800 099 634) for solutions, options and the best recommendations for your vehicle

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rimsFREE FITTING AND BALANCING

For all our wheels and tyre packages, you can have peace of mind of not worrying about the additional costs of fitting. We make installing your wheel and tyre packages easy. For extra convenience, we can deliver straight to your door. All you have to do is jack up your vehicle and you can install our wheel and tyre package straight onto your car like changing a spare tyre. We also provide a free installation kit which includes wheel nuts and hub rings to save you the additional cost.

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rimsSECURE PAYMENTS

AutoCraze ensures that all our customers are protected with secure payments. With fast, easy and secure payments with Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Geotrust, E-way and Zipmoney we ensure your information is safe.

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rims INTEREST FREE FINANCE

Interest Free Finance is now available at AutoCraze meaning you can buy now and pay later. Take advantage of our sales today! No credit cards. No deposits. Secure. Be approved within 3 minutes!


Load rating is vital to a vehicles safety. We guarantee that all our retail and online purchases are load rated and comply with Australian standards*. This means you can feel confident that you are getting quality products that are safe for your vehicle. 

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rimsFREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA-WIDE*

Save even more when you buy anything on our online store or over the phone with free shipping Australia-wide* (t&c’s apply). All wheels and tyres are packaged by our quality assurance team who lovingly package your products so you don’t have to worry about damage and that it’s in perfect condition when it arrives.


AutoCraze is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. Regardless of where you are in Australia, we will have a fitting and balancing partner near you to have the added convenience of local fitting.

In keeping with the times, we know how important it is to you to have the proper tyre pressure sensors fitted onto your new tyres. No matter what vehicle you have and if you purchased online or in-store, upon request, we can provide for you genuine tyre pressure sensors.



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3. Pick you vehicle make, model and preferred wheel size;
4. Select your products and add it to cart;
5. Select checkout and go through the checkout process;
6. Under payment options select Zipmoney;
7. Enjoy your products!

* $1000 minimum finance amount. Zipmoney processing times may vary. Terms and conditions do apply.