4WD Recovery Gear

4WD Recovery Gear Cover

Listed below is a simple guide on the essential 4WD recovery gear that you should bring with you when you’re going off-road.

FAQ – 4WD Recovery Gear

Why is it important to have a 4WD recovery gear when off-roading?

Having a 4WD recovery gear is important for whenever you get stuck when going off-road. Helping you get stuck out of any sticky situations with the essential equipment.

What are some of the essential 4WD recovery gear?

Some of the essential 4WD recovery gear that you should bring include a tyre gauge, tyre compressor, shovel and rated recovery points. Other 4WD recovery gear that are also important but not fully needed are a shovel, snatch trap and rated bow shackles.

The must have 4WD recovery gear

Tyre Gauge

A tyre guage is one of the most important aspect you can control when going off-road, especially when you’re taking your 4WD off-road. The tyre gauge is an essential for your 4WD recovery gear because one of the main reasons why people get bogged when going off-road in the first place is due to the incorrect tyre pressure.

Most 4WD drivers may not know this but when you’re going on different terrains. You have to adjust your tyre pressure to suit the terrain whether it’s on the beach, mud, rock or even gravel.

Tyre Compressor

Having a tyre compressor for when you’re finishing up with your off-road activities is important. As you don’t want to drive around with a deflated tyre as it could do serious damage to your tyre. Not only will it do serious damage to your tyres but it’s also very dangerous driving at high speeds with a deflated tyre.


Taking a shovel with you when going off-road can save you a whole lot of time if you’re ever to get bogged when going off-road. Bringing a shovel with you allows you to dig up underneath the chasis of your vehicle in order for it to move freely and safely out of harms way.

Rated Recovery Points

Having a rated recovery point on your vehicle can save you a whole world of trouble. Some people forget about having rated recovery points and in such cases they end up stuck in the middle of mud with no way out.

We recommend having at least one rated recovery point on the front and rear of the vehicle to ensure that you can be safely rescued from either the front or the rear.

Snatch Trap

The snatch trap is one of the go to 4WD recovery gear if someone ever gets stuck. They’re fantastic to use and very easy to apply, however it can be very dangerous when used incorrectly.

Rated Bow Shackles

Having a rated bow shackle is a good idea but it’s best not to use it if possible. It’s best to avoid using any items that can be flung around if it’s every detached.

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Getting a 4WD recovery kit is essential when going off-road, it’s a must have item if you don’t want to get stuck when going off-road with your mates or even by yourself. A 4WD recovery gear may not be too expensive considering how much time it would save you in getting out of sticky situations.

If you’re serious about going off-road then you must have a 4wd recovery kit on hand to safely get you out of any sticky situations.