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Nudge Bar

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Nudge Bar

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Nudge Bar

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Nudge Bar

If you want to bring a rugged style to your vehicle, adding a nudge bar is a great way to do it. Our nudge bars are built from either polycarbonate or lightweight aluminium tubing, making them durable and practical.

Nudge bars protect your Ute or SUV against bumps, scratches, and minor front dings. You can also mount accessories such as CB antennas and driving lights on your nudge bar, adding convenience to having one.


Nudge Bar Features

One of the lightest forms of protection available to Utes and SUVs are nudge bars. After fitment, the nudge bar gives the vehicles an additional layer of protection from front end smashes or knocks.

These kinds of minor accidents happen all the time and are mainly due to misjudging a parking spot or lack of attention. Installing a nudge bar from AutoCraze will prevent the front of your automobile from being damaged through one of the above mistakes.

Here are some of the features of our nudge bars:

► Two light tables – not compatible with front sensor/tech pack

► Airbag compatible

► 76mm low loop

► Colour: black powder coated and polish alloy

AutoCraze Nudge Bar Fitment

The professionals at AutoCraze have been in the industry for over a decade. There is over 30 years' worth of experience with working on motor vehicles between our in-house specialists. We can help you get the results you want regarding nudge bar fitment and much more.

If you are having trouble deciding which nudge bar would suit your vehicle, it may be good to call our customer service line at 1800 099 634. Our friendly consultant will require your car's make and can suggest the right nudge bar. It is also good to deal with professionals in the industry as it makes the process simpler.

Currently, we stock a range of nudge bars for the following brands

► Toyota

► Ford

► Mitsubishi

► Holden

► Volkswagen

► Grand Cherokee

If you are looking for something we don't have in stock, you are welcome to send us an email, and we will see if we can source the part for you.

Safe Shipping

You will be happy to know that we offer fully insured Australia wide shipping, meaning that your nudge bar will arrive safely. In most cases, we have a standard processing time of one to three days and a delivery time of a maximum of seven to nine days.

The extended shipping times are only valid for rural Queensland and New South Wales. Each nudge bar sent from our factory is carefully wrapped so that there is no damage to it along the way.

If you encounter any problems with your product on arrival, it would be ideal to call us immediately to report the issue. Since shipping is insured, we will send you a new product to replace the damaged or faulty one.

Get the best nudge bars on the market with AutoCraze and enjoy the frontal vehicle protection you deserve.


What Does a Budge Bar Do?

Using a nudge bar, you can protect the bumper, radiator grills, and the surrounding parts without removing anything from the car.

What Is the Difference Between a Bull Bar and Nudge Bar?

A nudge bar is designed as a base to mount CB antennas and driving lights and provides minimal protection, while a bull bar is designed to deflect up and over in a crash with an animal or person.

Due to the design of a nudge bar, the object or entities get pushed down under the vehicle. If you are worried about full collision impact, it may be better to invest in a bull bar from AutoCraze for peace of mind.

Is a Nudge Bar Effective?

Good quality steel and aluminium are used to create nudge bars, so you can be confident that the durability is there. Nudge bars suit an extensive range of vehicles from 4WD, SUVs, and other overlander or pickup trucks. The majority of nudges bars on the market are fully airbag compatible and add to the aesthetic appeal of your automobile.

A nudge bar will provide extra frontal protection instead of no protection. With the advancements in engineering, designs and styles continue to improve so that you can expect better quality products emerging in the future.