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Bull Bars

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Bull Bars

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Bull Bars

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Bull Bars

4x4 Bulls bars are imperative in protecting the front end of your automobile. In order to protect your car from a collision, a 4x4 bull bar gets installed, which may shield your driving or LED fog lights when you crash into something.

There are a few ranges of bull bars for various vehicles that AutoCraze provides to its customers. AutoCraze supplies SLX, rival, off-road animal, Hamer and more. Here is a list of bull bars supplied by AutoCraze and a highlight of some of their features.


Rival 4x4 Bull Bar

The Rival 4x4 bull bar provides solid protection and strength to your motor vehicle. This product does not block the driving or fog lights and protects your vehicle's bumper. If you have an integrated recovery point, you will notice that it fits well.

What's great about this bull bar is that it fits even if you have a stylish bumper. There is no need to match skid plate kits due to the intuitive design of the bull bars.

Main Features

► Mounting brackets included

► Solid towing point

► It comes with a compatible towing plate kit

► This bull bar is coated with a corrosion-resistant powder

► A preliminary treatment was used on it.

► It is easy to install on OE fitting spots

Off-Road Animal

Is the thrill of off-roading exhilarating for you? Do you love driving outdoors on uneven terrain? Well, then this bull bar is for you! An off-road animal bull bar makes your vehicle look cool and offers significant protection.

AutoCraze has more than 36 off-road animal bull bars to choose from, so you will be spoilt for choice if you are an off-road enthusiast. You can go over the most potent tracks and push the limits without worrying about your vehicle being damaged. Adding this bull bar to your car gives it a grisly and powerful appearance.

Main Features

► Includes mounting brackets

► There is a hi-lift jacking notch

► Preliminary treatment is performed on this bull bar

► It is easy to install on the OE fitting spot of your car

► The bull bar is coated with a corrosion-resistant powder

► It has a fortified towing point

► There is a compatible skid plate included

Hammer 4x4 Bull Bar

This bull bar will bring beautiful aesthetics to your 4x4 and is loved by many off-roaders. It is most commonly seen adorning Ford Rangers, but this style can be fitted to other models. There is a range of these bull bars for your choosing in AutoCraze's selection.

Main Features

► A custom design that allows for total radiator airflow

► Superior quality thick stainless-steel plate

► Functional crash sensors and airbag

► Compatible winch with laser-cut holes for easy access

► Advanced powder coating

SLX Bull Bar

If you want something that follows the contour lines of your vehicle and looks sexy while doing it, look no further than an SLX bull bar. This heavy-duty black bull bar can protect you and your family in a collision. Allow AutoCraze to help you get the best SLX bull bar for you and your loved one's safety.

Main Features

► Durable powder coating

► Protective side panels

► Winch Access

► Convertible license plate

► Adjustable LED lights


What Is the Purpose of a Bull Bar?

A bull bar can help protect the front end of your vehicle during an automobile crash. It has been proven that a bull bar lessens the damage to the front bumper and structure by mitigating the force of the impact.

Is it Worth Installing a Bull Bar on My Car?

If you have the funds to do it, we would say yes. It would be good to invest in a bull bar for your vehicle because it will protect your condenser and radiator in a collision.

Trucks and SUVs are some of the most common vehicles that need them, considering they are so high off the ground. Essentially installing a bull bar on your car can save you future repair costs if you have a front-end smash.

When Will My Bull Bars Be Shipped?

Our processing time is one to three days for all items ordered from the AutoCraze factory. Once your package is shipped, we will send you an SMS with the number you provided on your purchase form.

If you live in a central city, you will receive your item within one to three days after the SMS and if you are in a rural region, expect to receive it in five to seven days.