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Specialising in SUV and 4×4 tyres, General Tyres have been pioneering the way for off-road kings since 1915. Just looking at the tread pattern alone has turned non believers into off-roading enthusiasts. The Grabber series are load rated with unmistakable quality and extreme traction. The Grabber HTS line are geared towards long lasting highway 4×4 tyres to and combines comfort, durability and performance for light trucks, SUV’s, 4×4 and crossovers.

Race proven 3-ply construction provides driving confidence under the world’s most extreme conditions
Advanced reactive contour technology means even tread wear throughout the life of the tyre
Red letter racing inspired sidewall design
Sound wave suppression that reduces road noise



General Tyres offers a complete quality line of ultra high performance passenger, light truck and off-road road 4×4 tyres. Developing intelligent technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques, General Tyres are the ultimate off-road companion to handle any situation for mud, uneven, dirt or dusty terrain. Find them at unbeatable tyre prices at AutoCraze!


Pioneered in America, BF Goodrich are high performance 4×4 tyres. Dedicated to better handling, control and grip, BF Goodrich have been actively involved in decades in Motorsports. Influenced by enthusiasts specialising on the track and off-roading, BF Goodrich tyres were dedicated to the car lover.

 Accelerate Faster with the best wet and dry traction vs. leading competitors
 Brake Shorter. Stops up to 4.5m shorter on wet roads and up to 1.5m shorter on dry roads vs. leading competitors
 Control in all Seasons with better snow traction than leading competitors



The most impressive and popular range of 4×4 tyres are the Mud Terrain T/A KM2’s. Famous for their excellent treadwear life, braking ability and comfortable ride.The aggressive sidewall lugs and cut and chip resistant sidewall compound makes the KM2’s the absolute off-road leaders. Designed to tackle snow, muddy river crossings and heated sany terrain, the T/A KM2 will last longer under extreme conditions.

For the tyre prices they ask, BF Goodrich 4×4 tyres are incredible value for money.


Accommodating for the budget 4×4 tyre market, Gripmax tyres are incredible value for money. The off-road tread designs are indicative of premium brand designs without the price tag. Distributing across Australia, New Zealand and Africa, Gripmax 4×4 tyres were designed with harsh elements in mind. Gripmax believes in bringing high tech tyres for off-road, all terrain and highway driving and bringing it within reach for the budget conscious consumer. Their strict standards ensure quality and safety for whatever you throw at them. Reliable and affordable, Gripmax won’t let you down when you need it the most.
• Improved traction and reduced braking distance
 Improved handling and traction on wet; and
• Superb water evacuation for excellent handling and braking in wet conditions.



The tread design of the Gripmax All-terrain 4×4 tyres series were engineered with an aggressive, self cleaning pattern. Incorporating dual angles, these 4×4 tyres filter out water ensuring excellent grip with a chip resistant compound to back it up. A top pick for 4×4 enthusiasts looking to save without compromising the quality.


Based in Seoul, Korea, Hankook tyres was established in 1940 and distributes over 180 countries. As one of the world's largest and fastest growing tyre manufacturer for radial tyres, Hankook are at the forefront for cutting edge technology. As one of the market leaders in the world for tyres, Hankook is a trusted name. Their range of 4x4 tyres are superb quality and great value for money.

• High Loading Silica Compound for dry/wet traction improvement and rolling resistance is lowered
 Wider 2 Steel Belt Layer for better dry/wet handling
• High density polyester Carcass for better steering and handling response
• Strong single strand bead wire


The Hankook Dynapro HP2 RA33 are a high performance tire for premium SUV's. Designed for highway driving, the RA33 are excellent value with one the top tread life range for SUV tyres. The quiet handling and smooth driving make it ideal for city driving in all conditions. Reviews rave about the excellent grip and control.