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September 2020

  1. 2019 Suzuki Jimny Review

     If we were to describe the perfect car it would be stylish, luxurious and definitely prefer space practicality and everyday usability over pure speed machines and some crazy 0 to 100 speed and as a rule of thumb the more of these features a car has the more we like it. Now the car we […]
  2. Dodge Ram Bull Bar

    Deck out your Dodge Ram with a bull bar from AutoCraze. We have bull bars sourced from all the biggest named brands in the industry such as Off-Road Animal. All bull bars sourced at AutoCraze are ADR approved and complies with Australian standards. AutoCraze sources only the best 4x4 bull bars that have been rigorously […]
  3. Toyota Prado Bull Bar

    Looking for a bull bar for your Toyota Prado? Then you’ve come to the right place. AutoCraze stocks only the highest quality bull bars on the market for your Toyota Prado. You’ll find quality bull bars from brands such as Rival, Hamer, SLX and loads more. All Toyota Prado bull bars sold at AutoCraze are […]
  4. 4 Different Styles Of Vehicle Fitment

    In the wheel game there are all sorts of fitment, which means you've probably seen the meme where they talk about hella fail and hella flush and stance and dropped and slammed and maxi. I don't know, there's all these different names, but when you really break it down there are four major types of […]
  5. 10 fitment tips for 4WD

    Whether you're buying your first set of wheels or getting your tenth set of wheels we're hoping this blog helps you with the top ten tips to find perfect fitment so we'll just jump right into it then. Starting at number 10 and working our way down so for number10 the thing you're gonna want […]
  6. Don't buy car wheels before reading this

    If you're reading this, then you were probably like me when I was 18 years old, you've been looking to try and figure out what your first set of wheels should be for your car. Now, you've probably visited Facebook pages,and different websites, and forums that are about 10 years old, and you're probably left […]
  7. LDV T60 Accessories

    Discover a wide range of LDV T60 accessories here at AutoCraze. Browse through a range of accessories such as wheels, tyres, lift kits, tailgate assist, flares, and loads more. Buy your LDV T60 accessories today at AutoCraze and deck out your pride and joy without hurting your pockets. FAQ - LDV T60  Accessories Are the […]
  8. 4wd Accessories Sydney

    Looking to spicy up that sweet ride of yours? look no further than Autocraze! Autocraze has helped thousands of people to turn that stock vehicle and turn it into its true dream, because after all, that's what we do, turning dreams into reality since 2K15. Autocraze has a wide variety of accessories ranging from small […]
  9. NP300 Accessories

    Nissan Navara Accessories have become increasingly popular and more requested due to the success of the latest generation of the Nissan Navara. Nissan has used high-quality components to construct the latest Navara, so good the Mercedes X-Class uses the same chassis as the Navara. AutoCraze has supplied and fitted hundreds of Navara Accessories and has […]
  10. Bonnet Scoops

    Want to achieve the ultimate ride? Come on down to Autocraze to get your brand new Bonnet scoop for your 4X4! Bonnet Scoops are the easiest and one of the cheapest ways of customising your 4x4. The hood of your 4x4 could be seen as the centre of the whole vehicle, so any change to […]
  11. Toyota 200 Series Bull Bar

    Looking for a bull bar to suit your 200 series Landcruiser? then you've come to the right place. AutoCraze stocks high-quality 200 series Landcruiser bull bars at the best prices. Choose from quality brands such as Rival 4x4 and Hamer 4x4. Getting a bull bar for your 200 series Landcruiser is more than just about […]
  12. Rotiform Wheels Under $1200

    Rotiform is a very well known name when it comes to aftermarket wheels. And they have an absolute ton of different wheel designs. Ranging from their single-piece cast line of wheels, all the way up to their well known crazy,multi-piece designs. Rotiform wheels have so many designs in fact, that when it comes down to […]

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