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March 2019

  1. VMR Wheels

    VMR Wheels
    VMR Wheels are designed exclusively for high-end luxury cars from Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen. VMR Wheels fit the same way original wheels do, without the need for installation kits or hub rings. OEM lug bolts fit perfectly to VMR Wheels. Another added advantage is the possibility for BMW and Audi customers to install OEM centre […]
  2. Konig Wheels

    Konig Wheels
    Konig Wheels, a subsidiary of YHI International, is one of the most recognizable aftermarket wheel brand in the world. For 35 years Konig has manufactured some of the highest quality aftermarket wheels at an affordable price. All of the products produced in our factories are the result of the latest technology, to exceed strict standards […]
  3. Free Installation Kit

    Free Installation Kit | Wheel & Tyre Packages At AutoCraze, we provide even more value with a free installation kit with all our wheels and wheel and tyre packages. This includes all the necessary nuts and hub rings to fit on your vehicle. *Installation kits for any Fuel, Niche, Concave Concept products will come add […]
  4. Free Fitting And Balancing

    Free Fitting And Balancing  Every purchase for wheels and tyres packages comes with tyres fitted and balanced onto the wheels. A free installation kit consisted of wheel nuts and hub locating rings will be shipped with all purchases for the wheels or wheels and tyres packages. The packages are wrapped with specialty bubble wrap and […]
  5. All Wheels Comply with Australian Standards

    Australian Standards in Wheels | The AutoCraze Guarantee   After safety concerns with wheels with counterfeit wheels in Australia, complying to the Australian standards has never been more important. For your safety, AutoCraze ensures all wheels comply with Australian standards. The AutoCraze Aus Standard Guarantee AutoCraze endeavours to satisfying and complying with Australian standards to all our […]
  6. Fitment Guarantee

    100% Fitment Guarantee | Guaranteed Fitment First Time Autocraze prides ourselves in providing an exclusive fitment guarantee for all our retail and online customers. All orders (including test fit when necessary) have been assured that the fitment with our recommendation were accurate and your order will not be processed unless it is verified and fitment […]
  7. Load Rated Wheels

    AutoCraze emphasises the importance of quality in service and product. This is what really makes us different from the competition. The load rating is something that not all retailers provide. At AutoCraze we ensure that ALL our products come load rated and Australian standard approved. Regardless of size, make or model, our Load Rated Mag […]
  8. XROX Bullbar

    Equip your ride with one of the toughest and highest quality 4x4 bullbar in the market today. Introducing the XROX bumper bar, specifically designed and made in Australia for all their Australian consumers who love to smash it off-road. The XROX bullbar does not only look tough but it's extremely durable. As it's made from […]
  9. Diamondback Tyres

    Diamondback Tyres
    Diamondback tyres is a line of medium radial truck and passenger tyres offering a variety of application-specific patterns. Diamondback tyres have a wide tread area with an increased tread contact patch to improve grip and stability. CALL 1800 099 634 TO GET RECOMMENDATION FROM SPECIALISTS RANGE OF DOUBLEBACK TYRES TR978(All Season Touring) The Diamondback tyre TR978 […]
  10. Silverstone Tyres

    Silverstone Tyres
    Silverstone tyres have a broad range of high-performance tyres as in passenger car tyres, SUV tyres, and 4x4 Tyres. They are manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery and tested rigorously using test equipment to produce tyres that meet world standards. Silverstone uses various advanced technologies such as Footprint Analyzer, RRC Technology, B&K Noise Analyzer, and Silent Roll Technology […]
  11. Westlake Tyres

    Westlake Tyres
    Westlake tyres are manufactured in a state of the art facility that has earned several awards, including the US Department of Transportation and the Economic Commission of Europe. Founded in 1958, Westlake tyres have been manufacturing top quality tyres for North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co. Ltd. are the manufacturers of Westlake […]
  12. Safari Snorkel

    For any serious off-road drivers, a safari snorkel is a must have 4x4 accessory for any serious off-road drivers. As there are many benefits to getting a safari snorkel onto your 4wd vehicle. One of the main benefits of getting a snorkel is the ability to get fresher and cleaner air to help reduce the […]

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