If we were to describe the perfect car it would be stylish, luxurious and definitely prefer space practicality and everyday usability over pure speed machines and some crazy 0 to 100 speed and as a rule of thumb the more of these features a car has the more we like it.

Now the car we are going to talk about today doesn't really have any of these features but we still love it today we’re talking about the latest 2019 Jimny from Suzuki in the only trimmer comes in in the auto it has a small engine not a lot of space its gutless and if the opposite of luxurious.

it's also undeniably affordable but on paper that's about it well let's just forget about the paper for a minute because in the flesh or metal and plastic cladding the Jimny is undeniably loveable it looks cool.

it's as simple as that it has a lot of classic style and looks like it can climb a tree now for me the Jimny is truly reminiscent of the g-class Mercedes crossed with a bar before driving. Now we often refer to car shapes as boxy but Jimny defines this description with round headlights and pronounced wheel arches so it resembles the iconic g-wagen at 120th of the cost but if you can only afford the Jimny and really want to pretend you have a G wagon you can buy a kit online just make your own little knockoff g wagon.

Now this is where my novelty nerd meetup popped: the front is dominated by a higher section with headlights and Grille and a lower section with bumper and fog lights. We actually really like that it stands out from the rest of the competition and stays true to its older generations.

The side of the Jimny has really prominent cladding on the wheel arches hugging the 15-inch wheels and big doors for easy entry into the front and a relatively easy entry into the rear seats.

Now the engine of the Jimny, it ain't nothing to write home about it's a 1.5 liter with 75 kilowatts of power and 130 Newton meters of torque it's naturally aspirated so these numbers have found high up in the RPM range officially it consumes 6.4 litres per 100 with the manual and 6.9 with the auto gearbox.

Now if I look at the Jimny as a modern city car then the engine does disappoint no it's not the best sounding machine and if you want to use it to the full and still modest capacity you have to rev high up. The top power is available at 6000 ribs and the top torque at 4000 revs but you'll rarely push the engine that hard especially with the automatic gearbox that the Jimny has.

The Suzuki Jimny was not meant to be a sports car or give virtually any driving pleasure on the road it's meant to take you wherever you want to go and it's really good at that and it's a whole lot of fun.

 The chassis makes it perfect for off-roading improving structural rigidity the negative side is that it increases weight but on a vehicle that is generally lightweight it's not really an issue stunning approach and departure angles of 37 degrees and 49 degrees respectively and a ramp over angle of 28 degrees are better than in many highly regarded and priced off-road vehicles.

Now both the front and rear have rigid axle suspension and that increases the off-road cred when you're on bumpy terrain and one wheel climbs on an elevated surface the wheel on the other side of the axle is pushed downwards in order to connect to the surface hold the vehicle as even as possible and improve grip at times when you need it the most you also get a host of off-road electronic nannies such as all grip pro four-wheel drive with brake LSD traction control hill descent control and heel hold control. 

Speaking of the four-wheel drive system it is a part-time one with manually selectable too high for high and for low modes but only not familiar with the benefits of low mode on rough terrains you should probably just know that it is awesome for getting you through most bumpy challenges offroad.

You're more likely to get stuck in a much more expensive SUV than the latest Jimny and we’re totally not kidding as it's lightweight with great visibility. 

The Jimny is a pretty unique off-road vehicle, two-wheel drive mode it's actually rear-wheel drive not that it makes much difference with this engine but but some of you would like to know one thing I did really love about driving the Jimny was the great visibility and therefore ease of parking with the length of about three and a half meters.

All corners of the car are visible from the driver's seat's minimum turning radius of under five meters predictable boxy styling and the reversing camera there aren't many cars that are easier to park.

Just make sure you factor in the protruding spare wheel this feature makes it perfect for young adventurous drivers who want an affordable go anywhere vehicle. You don't really care about zero to 100 time or heated seats. The interior is simple and almost outdated but it just looks tidy.

Now there's no high tech design solutions, no awesome ideas, no massive central console what you do get though is practicality it's very and I mean very easy to use.

Even on rough terrain the instruments are easy to read well positioned and the square surrounds for the instruments really compliment the retro ruggedness of the overall feel large buttons and off-roaders are always a good thing as well modern amenities include a 7-inch touchscreen with satellite navigation system reversing camera and integrated apple carplay and android auto USB connectivity options with audio controls on the steering wheel digital climate cruise control.

Topol socket and similar if scenes have a good mix of confidence with port although keeping in mind the price point they're not amazing over long and really rough trips and also the producer who 6 foot 2 did say that he prefer a little more labor and numbers offered at the maximum up front in the rear you only get two seats however despite its tiny proportions rear legroom is actually not too bad as long as the producer isn't sitting in front of you and for the record he's 6 foot 2.  

the boot space I mean you could put your cricket bat here or maybe your clutch purse and that's about all folding the rear seats is really easy and provides a decent space of 377 liters with a flat loading surface but there you only have two seeds now Barbie and all her friends definitely wouldn't be fitting their copy here in this space.

However if Bobby you just want be Ken then they could drop the back seats and there's definitely decent room for all the accessories now safety is not among the best it has a three style Europe in cup safety rating future updates may improve that but making a tough off-roader a Top Safety Pick at this price point that's a tall order although it does have some of the most practical and modern features such as is electronic stability control hill descent control abs-ebd brake assist autonomous emergency braking lane departure warning weaving alert he'll hold control and automatic headlights.

Now if you expect anything other than awesome off-road ability at an affordable price look elsewhere but for a very affordable price of about 22,000 for the manual and 24,000 for this auto you get a Barbie Dream car for anyone who ventures offering wood for up to four people or two people with lots of space on the road it's a very basic and simple elevated Drive that's easy to park and get in and out of but off-road for this kind of money I'm not sure that there are any better options out there and if there are they're definitely not this cute.