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July 2018

  1. VW Arteon Wheels

    VW ARTEON WHEELS | VW ALLOY WHEELS & TYRES FOR SALE AUSTRALIA Buy VW Arteon Wheels at AutoCraze. The purchase of alloy wheels Volkswagen Arteon is a great way to improve the appearance and safety of your own car. Having one more set of four alloy wheels allows a saving on winter tire change cost. AutoCraze is one of the […]
  2. Toyota Hilux Roll-R-Cover

    Toyota Hilux Roll-R-Cover | Toyota Hilux Roller Shutter Cover Roll-R-Cover Introducing the Toyota Hilux Roll-R-Cover. The most versatile addition to any Ute to make life easier. The remote-controlled Roller Shutter Cover is ideal to protect your luggage keeping it dry and safe. The Toyota Hilux Roll-R-Cover allows you to access your luggage at the press of a […]
  3. Volkswagen Amarok Roll-R-Cover

    Volkswagen Amarok Roll-R-Cover | Volkswagen Amarok Roller Shutter Cover The Volkswagen Amarok Roll-R-Cover will make your life easier with the added versatility and utility to the Volkswagen Amarok. The automatic rolling shutter is ideal to keep your tools and equipment safe and secure. The Roll-R-Cover makes accessing your luggage much easier as it rolls and retracts at the […]
  4. Ford Ranger Roll-R-Cover

    Ford Ranger Roll-R-Cover | Ford Ranger Roller Shutter Cover A Ford Ranger Roll-R-Cover is an ideal addition to all Ford Ranger Models. The motorized rolling and retracting cover is perfect for tough workloads or the family run-around and is in stock at AutoCraze! The Ford Ranger Roll-R-Cover improves accessibility to the cab implementing a cover […]
  5. HSP Tailgate Lock

    Buy HSP Tailgate Lock at AutoCraze. It is truly a revolutionary product allowing you to sync your tailgate with your existing vehicle remote. There is no drilling required as the system uses the existing factory mounting points, additionally, installation is a breeze with plug and play wiring. AutoCraze is one of the official distributor and […]
  6. Ute Roof Racks

    Ute Roof Racks | Rhino Roof Racks for Utes AutoCraze Australia Buy Ute Roof Racks at AutoCraze. Ute Roof Racks allow users to transport objects on the roof of the vehicle without reducing interior space for occupants, or the cargo area volume limits such as in the typical car's trunk design. AutoCraze is one of the premiere distributor […]
  7. Ute Canopies

    Ute Canopies for sale at AutoCraze. Starting with a sheet of ABS, the material is strong, thick and UV stable with acrylic capping to provide an excellent smooth surface as its first and final finish. Using the same process as our Hard Lids, the Canopies are then painted robotically resulting in an A-Class paint finish second […]
  8. Ute Hard Lids

    Ute Hard Lids | HSP Ute Lids at AutoCraze Australia Buy Ute Hard Lids at AutoCraze. A Ute Hard Lid is designed with dimensional, aerodynamic styling and premium standard features. The HSP PREMIUM Ute Lid is the most striking Ute cover on the road today. AutoCraze is one of the official fitters of HSP hard lids and […]
  9. Ute Slide Out Drawers

    Buy a Ute slide tray at AutoCraze and give yourself that extra convenience of being able to grab your tools and equipment without having to climb into the back of your Ute. Why go through the struggle of having to climb into your Ute to grab one tool. When you can easily pull out your […]
  10. Zip Pay Wheels

    Buy all the latest Zip pay wheels at AutoCraze at up to 50% off. Stocked with only the highest quality brands such as Fuel, KMC, Rotiform, Niche, and loads more. It's easy getting your Zip pay wheels here at AutoCraze, all you have to do is put in your make and model. Choose the Zip […]
  11. Roll R Cover

    Ute Roller Cover | Ute Roll R Cover For Sale At AutoCraze Buy your Ute Roll R Cover at AutoCraze. These motorised ute roller covers are designed to protect your valuable equipment from prying eyes. AutoCraze is one of the premier distributors of the HSP Retractable Roll-R-Cover in Australia. Ute Roller Cover The ute roller […]

    Nissan Navara Rival Bull Bar | Nissan Navara Bull Bar at AutoCraze Buy Nissan Navara Rival Bull Bar at AutoCraze. RIVAL aluminum bumpers for NAVARA starting to spread around the world. With integrated fog/driving lights, tow points, and winch mount, the Bumpers are designed for ease of fitment with or without Drivetech 4x4 by Rival 6mm Underbody Armour […]

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