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May 2015

  1. Silvia Republic

    The Australian car scene is massive. With so much diversity between cars from muscle to euro all the way through to classics and custom rides. In NSW, one of the biggest car cultures is in the form of Japanese made and inspired cars. Go to any big car meet up in Sydney and you will […]
  2. Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Rims

    Autocraze is the ultimate provider of Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 rims. The toughest SUV has hit the market, with the Jeep grand Cherokee SRT8 taking the streets by storm it features a new 6.4L Hemi v8 engine, pushing 344kw of power. Packing a punch, it's modern designs would blast competitors with the astounding handling and […]
  3. Audi A6 Rims

    Audi A6 Rims | Head Instore For Premium Audi A6 Wheels Today Looking for unique Audi A6 Rims without breaking the bank? Look no further than AutoCraze! With the new release of the new Audi A6 3.0 TDI Biturbo becoming one of the fastest diesel powered 4 door sedans on the market, AutoCraze can help […]
  4. Velocity Car Club Sydney

    With the car scene booming every week in Australia, the whole idea of a car club gets thrown around and can be misleading. A lot of car clubs these days are make and model specific. This is where Velocity Car Club Sydney differs from the rest. Velocity Car Club Sydney started in August 2012 between […]
  5. Refer a Friend: Terms & Conditions

      Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions: 1. Offer is only valid through any purchases made from your referral. Applies to the following purchases: 17” package - $50 cash back or gift card 18” package - $75 cash back or gift card 19” package - $100 cash back or gift card 20” package - $125 […]
  6. Mad Mike’s Return To Formula Drift

    I was very excited when Mike told me at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon that he was making a return to Formula Drift, because not only is he a fan favorite, he brings a sense of style unlike anyone else on the grid. I had a moment to catch up with Mike as soon as […]
  7. Life Goals & A Lexus RC F

    I don't really consider myself to have a set path in life. So far following my passions and nurturing good relationships has brought me happiness and generated some truly great opportunities. I do have two goals that have remained pretty consistent though: to see as much of the world as I can, and to drive […]
  8. Rotary Aspirations: RE Amemiya’s 13B Roadster

    I really feel for rotary tuners in Japan. Back in the day when Mazda was still producing cars like the RX-7 and Cosmo, they had plenty of customers coming to them for work. But now, since the RX-8 has even been discontinued, specialist rotary tuners are doing it tough. Many have moved on and others […]
  9. The ’34 Mercury They Never Made

    Ford's Mercury brand didn't exist in 1934, but if it did they might have made a pickup that looked like this. Well, not exactly like this. Let's suppose a hot rodder got his hands on one though, this is definitely how it would have looked... Matt Hooper has owned and built a bunch of early […]
  10. wheel alignment guide

      Wheel alignments are an important part of looking after a car. Not only does a wheel alignment help with the vehicle’s handling characteristics, they also help with tyre wear, fuel economy. Also, the technician can find issues with suspension components and bushes. There are three main measurements that are checked and in most cases […]
  11. Wheel Offset Know How

      When purchasing new wheels, there are things to consider. Design, diameter, width and colour are the main focus. Another important aspect often overlooked is offset. Most leading wheel companies have already worked out wheel offsets to suit most vehicles with most rims, but what happens if you are ordering a rim that’s custom made […]

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