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April 2015

  1. methods of car lowering

    In the modified car community, lowering your ride is one of the first modifications that majority of people do. When done properly, lowering your car can have a lot of benefits other than looking good. But this depends on how you lower your vehicle. Cutting or “chopping” the springs or any suspension components is a […]
  2. High End Rims

    High End Rims | Top Class Style at the Lowest Prices at AutoCraze! AutoCraze is the premier store for wheels, tyres and car accessories. AutoCraze's range high end rims such as BBS, Rays Engineering and ADV-1 and so much more is a reason why they're a trusted seller and the number one place for the next level […]
  3. A Street Car Named Desire // Ryo’s Toyota Chaser.

    There are those cars where you run across a photo of it online and it just makes you stop whatever you're doing. You look, you stare, you right-click and save-as, and you search for more. Who owns it? Where is it from? I JUST WANT TO SEE MORE!!! Ryo Teramoto-san's Toyota Chaser is one of […]
  4. e-Level Touchpad | Manufacturing Monday.

    One of our strategic partners, AccuAir Suspension, just launched a new video series called “Manufacturing Monday.” AccuAir will be taking each of their products and walking us through the production process. The video showcases the attention to detail and the quality they put into each of their components. This first video highlights the e-Level Touchpad […]
  5. Inside Andy’s Rod Works

    Man caves are magical places. Andy’s Rod Works may well be a business, but there’s no hiding the fact that it’s a venture born out of pure passion. Ando-san, aka Andy, is the man responsible for some of Japan’s best hot rods and customs, and he has worked on them all by himself, from the […]
  6. We Run This Town: Sydney Style

    In every corner of the globe, car enthusiasts have adopted a shared ritual. The formula is simple: a carpark, coffee vendor and a handful of freshly-cleaned automobiles. Australia is no exception, and this past Sunday I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and made an early beeline towards the suburb of Terrey Hills, about a […]
  7. Project EcoBoost: TE37 Everything

    Wheels are awesome. So awesome in fact, that if you’re anything like me you’ve probably spent almost as much time thinking about wheels as cars themselves. Well before I even picked up my 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost project car, I was scheming and making crappy Photoshop renderings to try and figure out what sort of […]
  8. Formula D Gets Some Japanese Flavor

    When I first found myself being drawn toward the world of drifting in the early-to-mid 2000s, there was nothing more exciting than the original US events at places like Irwindale Speedway and seeing drivers and drift cars that had come directly from Japan. Their presence added serious experience and authenticity to a motorsport which at […]
  9. Auto Craze Launch Party

    AUTO CRAZE LAUNCH PARTY 2015 Written By: The Low-Down.com Sydney’s newest automotive lifestyle store, Auto Craze held their official launch party to the tune of over a hundred cars, promo models, a DJ, trade stands and food trucks today. As an event that was in the making for well over a month, expectations were high […]
  10. Coil-overs now avaliable at AutoCraze

    Are you looking to improve handling, lower your ride, or complete your track car? You can’t look past coil-over suspension. Used for years in race cars, coil-over suspension is a great way to help achieve a balanced car in the ways of looks or handling. There are many things to take into consideration when looking […]
  11. Holiday Tyre Guide

    AutoCraze's Holiday Tyre Guide - Things to Look Out For Before You Leave Your Driveway  It's the holiday season and that means more motorists on the road trying to beat the traffic and get to where they need to be quicker. At AutoCraze we want all motorists on the road to be safe. We ask […]

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