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March 2015

  1. Shelby GT350 Mustang to produce 400kW

    Ford exec releases top secret performance figures for halo model. Ford's resurrected Shelby GT350 Mustang will produce in excess of 390kW in production form, according to a Ford executive. During a recent Q&A session at the Texas world speedway, Ford's Shelby brand manager Jim Owens announced the upcoming halo model's new 5.2-litre V8 would produce […]
  2. Scorpions, Sand & 16,000rpm

    Ever since I first flew into Dubai International Airport, I have been fascinated with the desert. As we made our approach I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the window and the vast expanse of sand stretching off into the far distance. The UAE is a crazy enough place as it is, but the fact […]
  3. Hellaflush Kansai: More Slammed Awesomeness

    After wandering for hours through the main paddock at Hellaflush Kansai, I headed across to the other secondary display area that was set up. With so many cars participating…     …space at Central Circuit was definitely at a premium and if you consider that most spectators showed up with awesome cars too…the parking lots […]
  4. The Z32 Fighter Plane

      Choosing Speedhunters feature cars is not an easy thing to do. At a glance it might sound pretty straightforward, but there are always certain things we consider when looking at potential feature machines. In our travels we see lots of cars we like. and cars that all of us would be happy to have […]
  5. The World’s First 5-Second Import

    Many said that it couldn’t be done, but Bahrain’s EKanoo Racing has finally proved that it can – the world’s first 5-second import has well and truly arrived. The idea of a sport compact car running that number would have been unfathomable two decades ago when import drag racing started to get serious, and it’s been a long […]
  6. Sounds Of Power: This Is Australia

    When Speedhunters Editor-in-Chief, Pedey, contacted me to ask if I'd be interested in joining the team, I couldn't say 'obviously' fast enough. I've been devouring the photos and words posted on these pages for years, so the opportunity to contribute was never going to be passed up. Straight away, I began to think of story […]
  7. Concave Concept Wheels

    Concave Concept Wheels | High Quality Concave Concept Rims Introducing Concave Concept. These wheels stand out from other companies due to their sleek and stylish designs that still have an aggressive edge to their wheels. Inspired from different car cultures from Japan, US and Europe, Concave Concept have designed their wheels to be not only […]
  8. Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 // Part 3

    We were contemplating on sharing these photos with you because it's not what you would expect when you think about an event coverage. You see, as awesome as Tokyo Auto Salon is, the sheer amount of people that come out is a little overwhelming, so to see photos like this with barely any people or […]
  9. Gripmax All Terrain Tyres

    Gripmax All Terrain Tyres | Shop Great Deals On GripMax Tyres On the lookout for some Gripmax All Terrain Tyres? One of the great things about shopping at AutoCraze is getting to know, first hand, our definitive purpose of providing the very best, top name brand for you too choose from just like Gripmax All […]
  10. Gripmax Mud Tyres

    Gripmax Mud Tyres | Best Service GripMax Tyres Australia On the prowl for some Gripmax Mud Tyres? At AutoCraze we provide more than 2000 tyres at amazing prices of up to 50% off! We stock some of the biggest names in the market for budget and premium brands for passenger, 4X4, SUV and light trucks. Our specialised staff […]
  11. Direct Drive Into Orbit: Koenigsegg’s Electrifying Regera

    As the Geneva International Motor Show hits its stride, one car has overshadowed the slew of supercars that have rained down on Switzerland this year and been blowing minds the world over. The Koenigsegg Regera has come to reign over everything here, in every sense. The numbers just keep getting bigger - it must be […]
  12. 2JZ Swaps Take Over The World

    We are only at the very beginning, but I feel that the introduction of Formula Drift into Japan has already had a very positive effect on the sport. It all kicked off last July at Fuji Speedway when the first FD Japan round was held. There was a great atmosphere at that event - perhaps […]

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