10 fitment tips for 4WD

10 fitment tips for 4WD Chevy Silverado with Fuel Wheels

Whether you’re buying your first set of wheels or getting your tenth set of wheels we’re hoping this blog helps you with the top ten tips to find perfect fitment so we’ll just jump right into it then.

Starting at number 10 and working our way down so for number10 the thing you’re gonna want to understand is the numbers basically so you have with offset diameter backspacing there’s a ton that goes into it but the really big important ones that you want to know for fitment are gonna be your width and your offset. 

Now diameter doesn’t play as much of a role as you may think but it’s just important to know all the different measurements on wheels.

Different types of wheel fitment

Onto number 9 when it comes to perfect fitment there’s going to be different variations for different people like in the car scene it’s pretty easy essentially everybody wants to go vendor to live or they want to sit flush but in the 4WD world it’s not quite so simple so you have to understand what perfect fitment is for you so typically in the 4WD world you’re going to be looking at something that’s tucked in flush or stance fitment.

Which is going to be like way outside of your wheel wells so somebody that wants a tux fitment might be one of those like hardcore off-road guys or an Overland who doesn’t want to completely cover all their windows full of mud so they can still see out of them somebody that wants a flush fitment might be a daily driver it might still be someone who just some mild off-roading. 

Then there’s the stance fitment guys that are going pierre lee for aesthetics they want the widest wheels possible they fit on there because they just love the way it looks when you have this much wheel and tyre outside from your OEM guards

Cutting or drilling into your guards

Tip number eight it’s important to not be afraid of cutting so in most situations where people are putting larger wheels or tires on their vehicles you’re going to run into some sort of cutting or trimming on your 4WD or at the very least you’re gonna run into rubbing so know that that’s possible it could likely happen and just be prepared for it.

We usually say expect the worst and hope for the best when it comes to that but there are certain situations where you might have to cut out the back part of your guard liner or the front part guard liner a trim some plastic up and just know that almost every setup if you want it to fit perfect and look the best you’re gonna have to trim some of those hidden parts you wouldn’t normally see or need to worry about.

How lift kits change fitment

For tip number seven one thing to keep in mind is that if you go up you can go out so what I mean by that is the higher you lift your 4WD essentially the wider you can go with your wheel tyre setup so installing a lift kit basically makes more room in your wheels so that you can run those larger wheel and tyre setups. 

Keep in mind if you want to fit a wider set up just lift your 4WD up more you should be able to clear that for number six we’re going to dive a little bit into sizing so what I want people to know is don’t get tricked into believing a twenty by twelve reps in a 35 12 and a half is gonna fit any different than a 22 by twelve reps in a thirty five twelve and a half so this is where I said the diameter doesn’t matter nearly as much as some of the other numbers whether you have a 20-inch wheel or a 22 inch wheel.

As long as they’re both 12-wides both negative 44 offset and both wrapped in the same size tyre for example a 35 by 12 and a half they’re going to fit the exact same as far as how far they stick out and where you’re going to rub and where you might need trimming the diameter does not affect that it just gives you a larger wheel and reduces some of the sidewall on your tyre so it’s still important to know what the diameter is because if you’re looking for a more aggressive off-road setup you’re not gonna want that 22 and 35 because you’re gonna have a sidewall about this big if we have a 20 and a 35 then you have a sidewall that’s essentially two inches larger.

Picking the right tyre size to suit your 4WD

Tip number five even though we just told you diameter doesn’t matter that much now we’re going to tell you that it sort of does if you use metric tyres sizes so metric tyre size is for the general population of people can get kind of confusing because a 295 55 or something like that is just not a normal number that you would know and it’s not really just in millimeter because it has to do with a cross section with your aspect ratio and a whole bunch of things change depending on what size diameter wheels you have. 

So just know that a 295 55 r20 fits differently than a 295 55 r18 but you don’t really have to understand metric sizes completely and totally because AutoCraze have in-house experts who have already studied and organised the database on the online website. Just put in your vehicle make, model and size and we’ll give you a list of wheels and tyres to suit your vehicle.

Picking the right offset and making sure your 4WD is legal

For number four this might only apply to some people but it’s important to know and understand some of the laws when it comes to stance depending on your state.

so, for example, some states may be a bit more lenient towards your wheels sticking out of your guard but most states will not allow you to have your wheels outside your guards.

so if you’re one of those guys that doesn’t want to run into problems with the cops make sure to speak with one of our 4WD fitment specialists here at AutoCraze.

Every build is different therefore requires different fitment!

Jumping into number three then I don’t want people to get tricked into thinking that just because their buddy has a four inch lift in thirty fives that they can also have a four inch lift in thirty fives because this is where width really comes into play here so say he’s got the four inch lift on his Silverado it’s the same year make and model as yours but he’s running the 35 by twelve in half on his stock wheels that has a totally different offset they sit way more in than if you are running a 12 wide the 12 wide and 35s is not gonna fit on a four inch lifted Chevy Silverado 1500 but you might be able to fit thirty fives on stock wheels on that same exact truck with the same exact lift so just don’t be tricked into thinking that because one person is able to run it that you will also be able to run it you have to make sure all of the numbers are the same so the width and the offset.

There are going to be the two really important ones and you know you can’t say that a guy with the Silverado 1500 he’s gonna have the same fitment as somebody with the Toyota Tacoma two completely different trucks with completely different lift options and completely different fitment.

AutoCraze | Fitment specialists that are here to help you

Getting down lower on our list then for number two what we want to explain to you guys is the fitment gallery on our website is super easy to use to figure out exactly what fits without having to spend hours and hours reading forums.

You basically search by make, model and size and then what AutoCraze does is gives you a list of recommended wheels and tyres for your vehicle.

The last tip to get perfect fitment on your vehicle is simply to use our custom offset tool which can be used as a guide on what type of look you are going for with your fitment whether it’s flush or stance.AutoCraze offers to finance too so if you don’t want to spend you know five thousand dollars all at once you can always make fortnightly payments too or just find them cheaper options. AutoCraze has tons of videos out there with a wide range of different builds from Rangers, Hilux, Amrok, Navara’s and loads more.