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Trends come and go, but the styling of XXR 527 will never die. The XXR wheel range have been a popular hit in the automotive scene for years, stemming from the US modifying scene. The introduction of the XXR 527 to the Australian market changed the game. The XXR 527 closed the gap on affordability and style, something that was missing in the car scene. AutoCraze has been pioneering the wheel and tyre industry, with XXR wheels being one of the most sought after wheels on the market. With our specialised staff ready to advise you of any fitment questions, choosing XXR wheels have never been easier.


►Aggressive Design

The style of the XXR 527 is very distinct, with it’s deep concave design that adds a tough sporty look to your car. The sleek multi-spokes flows elegantly with the lines of your vehicles body. A lightweight alloy design was implemented to help with on track capabilities. A feature that sets XXR 527 apart from it’s competitors are its unique widths and offsets. A combination of these unique widths with a variety of offsets help you achieve that perfect rim to guard fitment. These XXR 527 now have laser etching at the back of their wheels, XXR labelled box designs and an XXR warranty book to ensure you’re receiving the genuine product.


►Sleek Innovation

The XXR 527 has a timeless design that resonates across all aspects of your car. These wheels perfectly compliment the look on all cars, especially JDM. Being a Japanese inspired design, the XXR 527 possesses the old school multi-spoke design, with a new school flow. You would find that these wide aggressive XXR 527 usually have a set of stretched tyres fitted on them, for maximum clearance against the guard. People have been pushing the boundaries of fitment for years. Take a look at this MX5 below, running an aggressive set of 15″ XXR 527.


►Sports Styling

The XXR 527 encompasses a sporty style that screams for attention. Dare to stand out from the crowd, with a wide set of XXR 527 sitting flush on your car. These XXRs are available in a variety of finishes to beautifully compliment your car. The colours that are available include a classic Flat Black which blends nice on nearly all cars, a Chromium Black for a flashy look, and also Gold for pure sports styling. The biggest problem cars running big brake setups face is fitment issues. XXR has refined their XXR 527 to ensure the wheels clear the Brembo calipers in cars like the Mitsubishi Evo or Subaru WRX STi.


►Official XXR Wheels Dealer | AutoCraze

At AutoCraze you’ll find a range of over 130 genuine XXR wheels at the lowest prices with Free Shipping Australia-wide* & Free Fitting & Balancing on packages! Give your ride attitude and a JDM facelift with AutoCraze’s range of XXR 527 available in a variety of sizes and finishes to suit your style. Only genuine XXR wheels are supplied at AutoCraze, to ensure quality control. This helps to protect you and your vehicle on the road or track as it gets put through harsh driving conditions.

Take a look at some of the customers from AutoCraze rolling out on a set of XXR 527:


Honda Prelude with 18″ XXR 527 in Flat Black

This customer came to AutoCraze looking to change the look of his stock Honda Prelude. He wanted to have a ‘murdered out’ theme, so naturally, a set of 18″ XXR 527 in Flat Black was chosen. A suitable tyre was subtly stretched over the 8.75″ wide wheels to have it sit nicely under the rolled guards. The coilovers were then adjusted so that the wheels sit close to the guards without any scrubbing issues!


VW Golf GTI with XXR 527 in Chromium Black

Another happy customer came to AutoCraze wanting to beef up the look of her newly acquired Golf GTi. She wanted to change up the look of her car without bringing too much attention, so a set of 18″ XXR 527 in Chromium Black was packaged up. The widths and offsets of this XXR 527 were custom ordered to suit the VW bodyline, so that the rims line up nicely with the rest of the car. To get the power to the ground, AutoCraze supplied and fitted a set of Pirelli P Zero for that extra grip and safety.


Mitsubishi Lancer with XXR 527 in Flat Black

This customer lives on the coast of NSW, a city full of beaches. When placing the order online, he requested for a certain fitment for his Mitsubishi Lancer. Wanting wide wheels with tight fitment, the team at AutoCraze worked out the perfect width and offset for this set of XXR 527. To match the grill and other accessories, the XXR 527 was chosen in black. The team then fitted and balanced tyres to the wheels and got it delivered right to the customer’s door. After a quick delivery, he couldn’t be happier with the XXR 527.


AutoCraze is all about customisation. Complete the whole look of your car with AutoCraze! We offer aftermarket suspension parts to get your car rolling right. A set of coilovers can be supplied and fitted along with your XXR 527. By having fully adjustable coilovers you have the freedom to be able to lower or raise your car to get that perfect fitment. By allowing height adjustment, you can get your XXR 527 to sit perfectly under your guards with minimal scrubbage. Couple this with adjustable camber arms from AutoCraze and we can get your car looking hellaflush!

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