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AutoCraze are Australia’s wheels, tyres and suspension specialists and is proudly Australian owned. AutoCraze stocks over 4000 wheels, tyres & wheel and tyre packages delivered at up to 50% off from leading brands including BBS, Concave Concept, XXR, CSA, SSW, Simmons, TSW, V8, King Wheels and more. We are passionate about delivering quality products, with the best customer service across Australia.

On top of our incredible savings, AutoCraze is offering FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA-WIDE* on all our wheels, tyres and wheel & tyre packages. AutoCraze has over 300 fitting and balancing partners across Australia so you can get the absolute best service regardless of where you are in Australia. Our in house wheel specialists will assist you with achieving the right fitment the first time, every time with our 100% fitment guarantee. At AutoCraze, all our wheels are load rated and comply with Australian standards*.

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Here are just some of the range of wheels we stock at AutoCraze;



Meet the wheels that stir the soul.


Concave Concept was born from the love of the automotive form. Extremely popular in the drifting, street and time attack scene, Concave Concept have exploded into the market with their Japanese meets west aggressive styling. The CC02 & CC03 have made a statement with their 12 & 10 spoke concave shape, manufactured to be lighter and stronger.


Concave Concept wheels was made with extreme care to ensure that the offsets, faces and widths available will clear nearly all brake (stock & BBK) and hub locators. The patented dual lip helps you achieve the squat stance look while running optimal tyre sizes for your vehicle. At AutoCraze we have over 40 Concave Concept products on our online store in a range of finishes including gun metal, matte black, matte bronze and gold. Bold, deep and desirable, Concave Concept comes available in CC03 in 19×8.5 & 19×9.5, CC03R in 18×9,18×10 & 18×11, CC02 comes in 18×8.5, 18×9.5CC02 comes in 18×8.5, 18×9.5. To ensure maximum compatibility, Concave Concept offers PCD from 5×100 all the way through 5×120 however are fully customisable on special orders.


Class, Luxury, Style.


TSW’s range of breathtaking designs were engineered to fit the largest range of vehicle fitments. With over 35 styles from 17″ to 22″, TSW’s luxurious stylings mixed with precision sporty inspirations come from their passion of tracks across the world. TSW’s trademarked rotary forged technology is a highly advanced production technique where the rim of the alloy wheels is forged at a high pressure while the wheel spins at a high speed. The benefit is a much lighter weight than a regular cast wheel. We’ve tested it ourselves and the TSW’s rotary forged range can be lifted with a finger.


An AutoCraze customers slick looking Audi A4 riding on some fresh TSW Bathurst’s.

Sophisticated, TSW draws inspiration from high end Europeans such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz and are the perfect complement to the luxury and exotic frame. This Audi A4 sitting above maintains it’s sporty stance while remaining classy with the TSW Bathurst wheels. The mirror cut face finish and split 5 spoke design produces a premium feel while the deep concave breathes performance. This is definately one of the hottest sellers.


Technik aus dem Motorsport. Perfection of a piece.

Manafactured in Germany and forged in Japan since 1970, BBS Wheels are a piece of art. Setting the highest standards of quality with over 35 years racing experience, BBS is nothing short of wheels excellence. Winning award after award including best brand 2015, BBS continue to innovate both class and new designs. BBS represents high class luxury with high performance inspirations. Renown for their quality and weight optimisation, when you buy BBS, you’re buying the creme de la creme of wheels.


The BBS LM’s are the flagship model and are iconic. This tuner above shows how it’s done with his show car sitting on BBS LM with a deep and polished lip. The multiple y spokes is elegant yet aggressive. Bringing class and style to the this tuner setup, the bold polish finishes contrast with the electric yellow. Sitting tucked underneath the guard, the BBS LM looks right at home sitting snug in its stretched tyres. In this setup, form over function but damn, does it look good. Find our full range on our online store or call 1800 099 634 to start riding in one of the best wheels you’ll ever have.




Hard Alloys


Rough and tough, Black Rhino Wheels were designed for the off-road 4WD & SUV enthusiast. These heavy duty step lip designs with mean face and deep concave were bred to take on the outdoors.


Engineered to carry heavy loads, Black Rhino wheels are constructed to be fully load rated, guarding against gutter rash damage and hard hits. With styles such as deep lip designs accented with heavy duty stainless steel hex bolts to a deep bowled, aggressive 7 spoke form, Black Rhino Wheels mean serious business. The Jeep Wrangler above packs huge pucnh with the Black Rhino Imperial wheels wrapped in General Grabber tyres and lift kit.

At AutoCraze you’ll find Black Rhino alloy wheels in 17”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24” sizes. Set yourself apart with AutoCraze’s range of masculine Black Rhino wheels.


Wheels of distinction


Simmons Wheels epitomises the Australian & American muscle look. With its distinct tough 5 spoke design, they are sure to turn heads as you roll on by. Praised by classic car enthusiasts, you’ll recognise the Simmons aggressive maximum polished lip depth and hardy rivet style throughout. Having roots in Ford Falcon GT, Holden Torana & the exotic car scene, Simmons Wheels have earned the iconic status in Australia.


Constructed as a 1-piece wheel, the Simmons FR-1 Wheel has revolutionised the classic Simmons design and reinvented it for the modern ride to fit a wide variety of performance cars as well. Precise wheel assembly using an exacting process has enhanced the structural integrity of Simmons wheels ensuring that it not only looks tough, but is made tough. The bold blue Ford XR6 sitting on satin black Simmons FR-1 work beautifully against the wide body frame.

Simmons wheels receive a unique serial number engraved for every product it produces to guarantee authenticity and quality assurance. At AutoCraze, you’ll be ensured to best prices on genuine Simmons Wheels with savings at up to 50% off on our alloy wheels and tyre packages. You’ll find finishes such as gloss black, gold, satin black, silver machined lip and white polish lip on our online store. If you’re looking for tough, aggressive alloy wheels, then Simmons alloy wheels is the perfect choice for you.





XXR wheels specialises in the design and manufacturing of high quality affordable tuner and sports style alloy wheels. These alloy wheels were created for the JDM lovers with an impeccable design that has rocked the automotive scene. Countless hours of research and development has gone into creating one of the most unique sizes to complement each specific vehicle.

The XXR wheels are designed with extra wide wheel widths and precise offset pairings to allow vehicles to run a stretched tyre fitment. For the low and stanced look, XXR wheels have taken into consideration low offsets which result in a super concaved design giving your vehicle an aggressive look. Taking in mind the performance side of things, these lightweight alloy wheels are made to clear big brake setups such as the Brembo’s that come standard on many sports cars.


XXR wheels are dominating the JDM market, with its aggressive styling and attractive pricing there’s no looking past these wheels!



The Concept is Racing

Since 1996, Rays Wheels has been dominating the market with their line of forged alloy wheels. Manufactured in Japan, Rays Wheels are produced to the highest quality. Inspired by JDM, street racing and motorsports, Rays have become iconic with their range of aggressive and advanced designs. Utilising forged aluminium, one piece design and a 13 degree impact test for correct air retention, Rays Wheels are one of the lightest and strongest wheels available. You’ll never lose performance or have additional unwanted weight on your suspension with Rays Wheels.The benchmark standards of wheels has been set.


The most popular line of Rays Wheels is the Volk TE-37. You’d be hard pressed not to have heard of these coveted wheels. With limited editions coming out regularly, the global demand for TE-37’s is huge. The AutoCraze 370z sitting above demonstrates how aggressive and sporty the Volk TE-37’s can be. The thick 6 spoke design is undeniable with a menacing and villainous look that combines street appeal and track performance. With huge caliper clearance and stretch fitment, these are the gold standard of wheels that every other wheel strives for.





Wheel Emotions


Work Wheels have exploded on the market with popularity since 1977. From it’s humble beginnings, Work Wheels have always embodied both form and function. Now one of the most desired wheels in Japanese Domestic Market, Work wheels are turning heads globally. Available in single, two and three piece forged alloy, Work Wheels are shaped to your hearts desired.


Now this fitment might not be for everyone, but it demonstrates what is possible with Work Wheels. The deep dish and two piece construction lets your customisation beast come alive. Allowing for 1mm increments once assembled, Work Wheels are designed for the enthusiast. The Audi TT above has smashed perceptions of luxury, riding lower than ever before. Rocking the eye catching Work Meister S1R, the wheel fitment is totally bonkers. The stretch tyre fitment is just the cherry on top to finish off a monstrous TT.



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