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For the lowest tyre prices, call AutoCraze on 1800 099 634 to save up to 50% off tyres! AutoCraze aims to deliver wholesale tyre prices by offering Free Shipping Australia-wide and Free Fitting and balancing for wheel and tyre packages. At AutoCraze you’ll find the lowest tyre prices on a range of over 2000 tyres from the leading brands. AutoCraze caters to all budget types and maximises the value you get for performance, wet weather control, braking and traction control, handling, stability and low noise.  Our range of tyres are designed specifically for the urban trekkers, high way drivers, the drift enthusiasts or the bush bashers.


Select from a range of big names from Bridgestone, Dunlop, Continental, Goodyear, Hankook, Headway, & Nexen. You’ll receive free shipping Australia-wide* with free fitting and balancing for all our wheel and tyre packages. You’re also ensured Australian delivered local stock with a new tyre build date*! We wont be beaten on tyre prices, quality or service.

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Here are just some of the top sellers at AutoCraze with great tyre prices and value for money;



Founded in 1931, Bridgestone has been dominating the tyre market with their range of premium tyres. As the market leaders in safety, Bridgestone invests more than $800 million in research and development every year and sponsors the formula one. Winner of Australia’s most trusted brand 2015, Bridgestone surpasses global safety standards. Here are just some of the things you can expect from Bridgestone’s cutting edge tyre technology:

The Bridgestone RE003’s are one of the biggest sellers, raising the bar higher for sports performance. Precise handling and cornering performance, increased traction in dry conditions and maximum wet braking capabilities, these tyres will last longer, perform better and will better prepare you for unexpected conditions. The long term benefits of Bridgestone means you’ll get more out of your tyre with reports of generally 40,000 – 50,000km’s* on the RE050A’s.

At AutoCraze, our Bridgestone tyre prices are the lowest on the market. You’ll go better for longer with Bridgetstone tyres.



Specialising in 4×4 and SUV tyres, General Tyres have been pioneering the way for off-road kings since 1915. Just looking at the tread pattern alone has turned non believers into off-roading enthusiasts. The Grabber series are load rated with unmistakable quality and extreme traction. The Grabber HTS line are geared towards  long lasting highway tyres to and combines comfort, durability and performance for light trucks, SUV’s, 4×4 and crossovers.

Race proven 3-ply construction provides driving confidence under the world’s most extreme conditions
Advanced reactive contour technology means even tread wear throughout the life of the tyre
Red letter racing inspired sidewall design
Sound wave suppression that reduces road noise



General Tyres offers a complete quality line of ultra high performance passenger, light truck and off-road road tyres. Developing intelligent technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques, General Tyres are the ultimate off-road companion to handle any situation for mud, uneven, dirt or dusty terrain. Find them at unbeatable tyre prices at AutoCraze!



Headway is an incredibly value for money tyre. Their range of HU901 and HH301 are one of our best sellers. Catering to the budget tyre industry, the amount of value packing into their tyres is outstanding. The Ultra high performance tread pattern ensures great handling, safety, comfort and low noise. Headway tyres have been surprising all our customers who want the best all round tyre for the low end price bracket.

Central tread rib ensures straight driving stability
Optimal combination of different variability pitched block patterns helps minimise noise
Patented grooves to serve as effective drainage solution to help driving in wet conditions
Tread design to increase vibration absorption


There’s a reason why we recommend Headway tyres on our wheel and tyre packages. Their unbeatable value along with the great price point is a huge plus. Headway tyres are reliable, trustworthy and smashes the competition in the price bracket. For the lowest tyre prices on Headway, look no further than AutoCraze.




Pioneered in America, BF Goodrich are high performance tyres. Dedicated to better handling, control and grip, BF Goodrich have been actively involved in decades in Motorsports. Influenced by enthusiasts specialising on the track and off-roading, BF Goodrich tyres were dedicated to the car lover.

 Accelerate Faster with the best wet and dry traction vs. leading competitors
 Brake Shorter. Stops up to 4.5m shorter on wet roads and up to 1.5m shorter on dry roads vs. leading competitors
 Control in all Seasons with better snow traction than leading competitors


The most impressive and popular range of 4×4 tyres are the Mud Terrain T/A KM2’s. Famous for their excellent treadwear life, braking ability and comfortable ride.The aggressive sidewall lugs and cut and chip resistant sidewall compound makes the KM2’s the absolute off-road leaders. Designed to tackle snow, muddy river crossings and heated sany terrain, the T/A KM2 will last longer under extreme conditions.

For the tyre prices they ask, BF Goodrich tyres are incredible value for money.



Nitto tyres sizing, tread patterns and tyre compounds combine modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. Their race-bred technology has helped create some of the most radical-looking tyre designs on the market today. These memorable designs are the result of state-of-the-art development, quality engineering and rigorous testing procedures. The Nitto Grappler’s are one of the best all-terrain light truck tyre. An all year-round workhorse, the Nitto Grappler’s are the ideal tyre to shift from highway to off-road in a hurry.

 Dual sidewall designs – Attractive sidewall designs with solid outlined lettering while ensuring perfect weight balance to reduce unwanted vibrations.
 Multi-Purpose Traction and Handing – The tread pattern void ratio is balanced for off-raod and on-road handling. Coupling joints reduce excessive flex for better traction
• High Density Siping – Resists hydroplaning by cutting through pockets of water.
 Off-Road Performance – The lugs on the shoulder are staggered to improve traction in deep sand and loose dirt



Balanced to handle both wet, dry or muddy conditions, the Nitto are the ultimate choice for tyre needs for all situations. Dynamic and adaptive, the Grappler range from Nitto are our choice for daily 4×4 with a weekender passion for the outdoors. Find the lowest tyre prices on Nitto Grappler’s, find them at AutoCraze.


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