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Toyota Corolla rims are readily available at AutoCraze to transform the look of your Corolla! The Toyota Corolla has flooded the streets as one of the best-selling cars the world has seen, surpassing the Volkswagen Beetle in 1997. Dare to be different, with a brand new set of Toyota Corolla rims that would have your car making people turn heads and look twice! AutoCraze is your one-stop shop for everything automotive. Along with Toyota Corolla rims, we can also supply and fit suspension parts to lower your Corolla and make it handle like it’s on rails.

From the iconic Toyota Corolla AE86, the progession of these cars can be seen through the development of the Toyota Corollas you see today. With the 2014 Toyota Corolla adopting stylish influences from the European made cars, a brand new set of Toyota Corolla rims would compliment it beautifully.


Toyota Corolla Rims | JDM Delight

AutoCraze has a huge selection of Toyota Corolla Rims available on the online store. The easy to navigate website filters through over 2000 rims available in stock at AutoCraze, and brings you specified Toyota Corolla rims to suit. With our specialised technicians having over 10 years experience in the wheel and tyre industry, we offer a 100% correct fitment guarantee. That means, buying Toyota Corolla rims from us, you are ensured that you will receive rims that fit without any mechanical issues or your money back!

As Japanese manufactured vehicle, the selection of Toyota Corolla rims revolves around the JDM look. This is primarily the sports and tuner look, with a classic multi-spoke style. AutoCraze has some of the best brands of Toyota Corolla rims available on the market to have your ride snapping necks. The new XXR wheel range has just landed at AutoCraze that would look perfect on your Toyota Corolla.

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XXR wheels have been a popular hit in the American market, and AutoCraze aims to bring you the best of the best Toyota Corolla rims available. The XXR range feature a sports look to make your Corolla look the part. These rims are made to perfection, with unique widths and offsets to have the rims fill up your Corolla’s guards up right to the brim. For a stanced and flush look, a width set of wheels along with custom offsets, AutoCraze can make custom ordered Toyota Corolla rims to match. The XXR wheels have either a concaved style or dished lip. The concave style features a multi-spoke centre which curves out aggressively to the outer lip. Dished lipped rims, on the other hand, speak for itself. These rims feature a multi-spoke face that contains machined rivets on the outer edge. Finally, it is complimented by a chrome or polished lip that emphasises and make the centres stand out.


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AutoCraze is your number ONE source for wheels & tyres at competitive prices so that you would get the best value for your hard earned money. Our website is easy to use, navigating for Toyota Corolla rims cannot be any easier. We have built a strong relationship towards our suppliers to bring you, the end-user, genuine recognizable brands that perform well. Offering you a wide selection, maximizing value for money.

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