Toyota 86 Rims



Are you bored of the silver and black on your Toyota 86 rims? Have you always wanted your car to stand out from the vast majority without spending a fortune? Well look no further, here at AutoCraze we have a variety of aftermarket wheels to replace your current and boring Toyota 86 rims.  We are a team of like minded individuals who share the same passion and we will go above and beyond to find your perfect set of aftermarket Toyota 86 rims to replace your existing setup. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in delivering the best customer service at wholesale prices! So, if you are in the market to replace your existing Toyota 86 rims, AutoCraze will fully cater to your needs with over 100 styles to choose from for your Toyota 86 rims. Our assortment of Toyota 86 rims includes leading brands such as XXR, CSA, King, Lenso and so much more. So whether you are looking for concave wheels or dished wheels to replace your current Toyota 86 rims, we have a variety of designs to suit your car’s needs.


The Toyota 86 | The Reinvented FR Sports Car

The Toyota 86 was the offspring of Subaru and Toyota’s joint effort in recreating a driver’s car. There have been minor enhancements carried out on the car during the design phase to suit a track oriented driver. Some of these improvements include the headrest being shaped in a way to to accommodate for a driver wearing a helmet, the 86 has also been designed so that you can fit four Toyota 86 rims and tyres in the boot after folding the rear seat back. Although the Toyota 86 is only equipped with 147kW from factory, this matches perfectly with the chassis and represents the perfect balance in terms of driver control.

For individuals who enjoy maximising the most from their cars, it is vital to upgrade the factory Toyota 86 rims in order to increase handling around corners and the overall demeanour of the vehicle. With AutoCraze’s assortment of wheels to replace your current Toyota 86 rims, there is bound to be a style and design to top off your ride. Furthermore you can expect FREE Shipping Australia-wide with over 300 fitting and balancing partners across the country.


AutoCraze’s Top Picks


Here are AutoCraze’s  top Toyota 86 rims recommendations:

XXR 527



With these Toyota 86 rims, he has opted for a concave wheel design. XXR 527s are constructed to be of super light weight with a multi spoke design to clear large brake callipers on all cars including EVO and STI. They are available in Chromium Black, Flat Black, Gold, Wasabi and also Habanero in 17” and 18” wheel sizes. XXR 527s also range up to 9.75” width so a slight stretch look can be attained with the tyres. These are the perfect wheels to replace your existing Toyota 86 rims.

Volk Racing TE37




Another one of Autocraze’s top pics for replacing your factory Toyota 86 rims are a set of Volk Racing TE37s. These forged monoblock wheels are lightweight and incredibly strong and would make the perfect set of Toyota 86 rims. These wheels are available in numerous specifications, meaning that whatever look you are searching for, we can certainly cater for that.


At AutoCraze we understand that switching to aftermarket wheels over the current factory Toyota 86 rims can be a daunting task in terms of finding the correct size of wheels and as such we guarantee 100% correct fitment every time with a 30 day money back guarantee. We can also cater fully to your needs so if you’re after more of a Stanced look, we have a team of wheel specialists who will be able to provide invaluable advice!



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