The World’s First 5-Second Import

Many said that it couldn’t be done, but Bahrain’s EKanoo Racing has finally proved that it can – the world’s first 5-second import has well and truly arrived.

The idea of a sport compact car running that number would have been unfathomable two decades ago when import drag racing started to get serious, and it’s been a long time coming since the genre’s first 6-second pass. But as the ETs have dropped over the past few years, and the elusive 5-second pass has become more of a ‘when’ than an ‘if’, there have been a few teams around the world chasing the glory. Ebrahim Kanoo’s EKanoo Racing outfit have been leading the charge in recent times, and their perseverance has finally been rewarded.

It all went down on Thursday evening, when – as the above clip shows – driver Gary White pointed EKanoo’s 2JZ-powered Outlaw 10.5 Toyota Supra to a 5.97 at 387km/h (240mph) pass on the superb Bahrain International Circuit drag strip.

While the honour of running the first 5-second import pass is something that can never be taken away from the EKanoo Racing team, it makes you wonder how many others will eventually join the club, and just how quick these cars will end up going…


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