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If you’re looking for the latest styles of Subaru Liberty rims, then you’ve come to the right place at AutoCraze! We stock Subaru Liberty Rims for models ranging from 1997 all the way to 2015 onwards. AutoCraze are enthusiasts aiming to deliver the best customer service on the market. So before looking anywhere else, browse our range of over 2500 wheels and realise the difference. Get your Subaru Liberty Rims at up to 50% off from today!

Subaru Liberty Background

The Subaru Liberty or the Subaru Legacy as it’s known outside of Australia, is unique in it’s class for offering an AWD as a standard feature. The reason it’s called Liberty down here down under was to avoid confusion with Legacy Australia, an organisation assisting our veterans. Currently it’s on it’s sixth generation, Subaru has integrated a 2.5-liter flat-four FB25 and a 3.6-liter flat-six EZ36D which carried over from the fifth-generation model. Output is slightly increased on the four-cylinder model to 129 kW. The six-cylinder model remains unchanged from the 188 kW; 3.6 litre engine.

Check out our recent builds:

JDM Twin Turbo Subaru Liberty

What we love about the Subaru Liberty is how people get creative with their Liberty’s. It’s all about the customisation. Check out this 1998 Twin-Turbo Liberty with custom Subaru Liberty Rims.

“Dave Brown likes to do things differently. So, rather than build an R-STi like everyone else, he spent over two years at his shop Fast of Westchester turning his 1998 Subaru Legacy into a perfect JDM Tuner Car, right down to the rare Twin-Turbo engine. This is how subtlety should be done.”

Subaru Liberty Rims: Showcased 2012

This stunning Subaru Liberty was featured in the event Showcased 2012 in Sydney presented by our friends at The front lip and dropped height was especially a highlight. The Subaru Liberty Rims featured are BBS Wheels which you can find at We have over 400 BBS Wheels at the lowest prices in Australia! You’ll find that all our Subaru Liberty Rims comply with Australian standards. BBS wheels have become iconic across Australia and the world for their premium quality and prestige. These Subaru Liberty Rims are instant classics.

For the full feature of the event, find it here at This is how a wagon should look!


Subaru Liberty: Budget Build Stunt Hauler

Here is another beautiful example of Subaru Liberty Rims complimenting not only the car but the trailer it’s pulling! For the full feature visit


“It’s funny how much positive and negative feedback come on this car because it’s AWD and a Subaru, saying it isn’t functional and completely pointless. I have learned to embrace the hate over the years to push me harder to succeed. I wanted to make sure people see it’s fully functional for my life style!”.

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