ACHILLES 215/70R15 98H 122

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Achilles 122 offers a great balance between driving comfort, stability and precision. 122 is a modern tyre designed for today’s passenger car, suitable for either frequent city travels or touring highway drives. The tyre's design offers safe handling on wet roads with an improved contact area that reduces hydroplaning. The stiffer tread area promotes high speed stability and dry braking performance.

Specification Details
Pattern 122
Width 215
Profile 70
Diameter 15
Load/Speed Rating 98H

Daniel Fraser

Daniel Fraser (Perth, WA)

Ordered some new rims and tyres for my Ford Courier last week. John went above and beyond to get a great price and also the right style, size and fitment for my fussy requirements. The wheels turned up fitted and balanced and looked a million bucks. I couldn't of asked for a smoother transaction and a better guy to deal with. Thanks a million.

Michael Dean

Michael Dean (Brisbane, QLD)

Had been looking at wheels for ages wanting to get great look/fitment. Called up Autocraze and spoke to Mo, he was awesome. Knew his products and put my mind at ease about the fitment. So I got my wheels and tyres (for a great price!) and I'm super happy!

Tim Malone

Tim Malone (Brisbane, QLD)

AutoCraze were absolute legends to deal with when I was buying my Speedy Outlaws. Delivery to Queensland was unbelievably quick! Had the wheels fitted within a week of first making contact. Highly recommend!

Ryley Koschel

Ryley Koschel (Wodonga, VIC)

The fellas at Autocraze helped heaps with the new wheels! Ordered them online and they arrived at my door 2 days later!! Awesome work fellas, cheers for all the help! Will definitely shop here again

Phil Collin

Phil Collin (Sydney, NSW)

Found the boys at Autocraze, top of the class, needed some rims for my Mustang and Mo had it all sorted. Their after sales support was fantastic too, highly recommend the guys, they are true car enthusiasts and take their time with your rims and their machinery is world class!

Skye Lynch (Hawkesbury, NSW)

Skye Lynch (Hawkesbury, NSW)

Awesome service, great people to deal with. Very professional and delivery was quicker than expected.. Also the car looks great, couldn't be happier. Thanks guys.

Tash Tuariki

Tash Tuariki (Roxburgh, VIIC)
AutoCraze was amazing with helping me find the perfect rims and tyres from the get go! Was very helpful and was very patient with willing to help me with everything i needed to know before purchasing my new wheels. Sorted me out the best price and shipping and organized it to be sent to my nearest tyre place that are partnered with you. Customer service was on point and the product was exactly like the pic and eveything listed on it. So another HUGE THANK YOU to the team over there at autocraze. Would 100% recommend your company and service everyone. Thank you again :D!!!

Marcus Worth (Perth, WA)

Marcus Worth (Perth, WA)

Ordered some rims and tires from these guys. Shipped Friday arrived Monday, great to deal with over the phone and the product you order is everybit as good in person. Already recommended to several friends.

Review by : YellowMenace

Overall it's an alright tyre considering the price I paid (got a free alignment too!) Have never really had issues with grip in the dry or wet, but I don't push the car when its wet as the roads are terrible here. In terms of feedback, you can feel the tyres take a second to catch up after going over some bumps, apart from it not a lot. They've still got a bit of tread on them at the moment, will see how long they last. But worst thing overall is the noise. I had crappier tyres on the car before, and somehow these are worse for noise than the other tyres put together.

Review by : 360

Not had any issues, was advised by Autocraze to replace fronts.
Achilles on back. Just purchased 4 more Achilles tyres so fingers crossed. Will post update after swapping and running all four. Drive sensibly but occasional mischief has not left me worried or concerned. You wouldn't go for a jog with your timbies on.

Review by : 42ndStreet

budget tires. wear is nearly good. these tires not soft rubber. feels hard bumpy (not soft bumpy). soft noise for daily use. definitely buy again!!! because its price and wear for daily use. :D

Review by : Abiss

Purchased these with a 2nd hand car. The previous owner had fitted at 29k in 2013. Two years later I have driven 16,000 miles and swapping them over a year ago, the tread is down to 3mm all round. As a summer tyre snow grip was OK, but wet performance is poor. More concerning is that the casing is starting to develop hairline cracks inside the sipes and grooves. Would not buy these again due to rapid perish and questionable wet grip.

Review by : AcidQueen

I have just been to have Achilles tyre fitted at Autocraze. Anyway the tyers i already have on my Ford are really beyond my expectation. They have been on for two years and still plenty of wear . Amazing grip in all weathers. I only needed to change one because i had a shock changed on front n/s. and they didnt tighteng the top bolt corectly so tyer tread worn out on inside. But as far as tyres go. Fit Acchilles. Really good

Review by : AlleyCat

I put a full set on a BMW 330d and was amazed, grip in both dry and wet was superb, obviously they are not the same as the expensive brands but for the price they did everything well. I covered 17000km and they looked hardly worn before I sold the car, wish I had kept them for my next one.

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