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Nothing beats the classics and at AutoCraze our range of Simmons wheels are the some of the most iconic in Australia. Simmons Wheels have been around for more than a decade, seen on a huge variety of cars, from show vehicles, race cars, drag machines and commuter cars. Simmons Wheels epitomises the Australian & American muscle look. Praised by classic car enthusiasts, you’ll recognise the Simmons aggressive maximum polished lip depth and hardy rivet style throughout. Having roots in Ford Falcon GT, Holden Torana & the exotic car scene, Simmons Wheels have earned the iconic status in Australia.

At AutoCraze you can buy from the latest wheels from all the biggest brands including Niche wheels, BBS, Fuel wheels, Rotiform, Rays, KMC, Rays, Moto Metal, CSA and more! Pair your Simmons wheels with any of our tyres such as Goodyear, Michelin, Nitto, Nexen, Dunlop, Achilles, BF Goodrich, General and lots of other top brands. With over 5000 wheels and over 3000 tyres you guaranteed to find something to suit your vehicle.


At AutoCraze, we have a range of over 70 genuine Simmons wheels available in 19×8.5, 20×8.5 and 19×9.5, 20×9.5 by request. Available in finishes including gloss black, gold, satin black, silver machined lip and white polish lip. AutoCraze has over 300 fitting partners across Australia to help you achieve that perfect fitment with our 100% fitment guarantee. Save even more with free shipping Australia-wide* and free fitting and balancing on all our Simmons wheel and tyre packages.

Simmons customisation options and large fitment range makes it perfect for Holden Commodore VE, VY, VZ, HSV, Ford Falcon AU, FG, FPV, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen, Subaru, Porsche, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mercedes Benz, Mazda, Ferrari, 4×4 Jeep, Land Rover vehicles and so much more.

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►Simmons Quality

Constructed as a 1-piece or a 3-piece wheel, the Simmons FR-1 Wheel has revolutionised the classic Simmons design and reinvented it for the modern ride to fit a wide variety of performance cars as well. Precise wheel assembly using an exacting process has enhanced the structural integrity of Simmons wheels ensuring that it not only looks tough, but is made tough. Simmons range of 3-piece wheels uses factory certified Ingersoll Rand DC Electric Fastening System to tighten proprietary fasteners to ensure proper assembled wheels and accurate torque techniques.

Simmons Wheels are a highly respected and reputable brand in Australia. Simmons Wheels also utilises a custom program which allows you to maximise wheel fitment due to their 3 piece construction techniques. This allows you to find the best balance between required brake clearance and maximum outer lip depth for the most aggressive appearance. Simmons Wheels are available for many vehicles including Japanese cars, Australian cars, Exotic cars and most predominantly the classic Muscle car. Produced in the same facility, with the same machinery, and using the same technology as F1 race wheels, Simmons Wheels ensure quality and longevity. Rim diameters for the 3 piece construction are available in 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, and 22″.

Simmons wheels receive a unique serial number engraved for every product it produces to guarantee authenticity and quality assurance. All Simmons wheels are made to order, so you can be sure that the set you purchase will be one of a kind and made for the sole purpose of highlighting your car. At AutoCraze, you’ll be ensured to best prices on genuine Simmons Wheels with the lowest prices guaranteed.


►Simmons Style

This Monaro with the FR-1 Gloss Black Polished Lip is an absolute stunner.The massive lip diameter is emphasised with a slight dish makes it sit more aggressive. The thick 5 spoke design gives a tough, masculine form suited the Monaro’s frame wide body frame. Dripping with attitude the Simmons FR-1 are a beautiful example of a wheel.



A closer look at the FR-1’s

This Ford Falcon’s sharp colours offset the satin black finish and the industrial design is complemented by the metallic rivets and nuts (Black and chrome rivet options available). The wide and aggressive fitment almost tucks under with a maximum clearance for a variety of brakes (even large brembo brakes). Painting your calipers is a huge added plus with red brakes peeking from behind.


AutoCraze customer’s Ford Falcon with Simmons Wheels FR-1 – Satin Black


Incredible fitment

The best thing about the Simmons wheels is their adaptability to any vehicle. Traditionally iconic with Holden & Fords, Simmons wheels have made a stake in adding big boss points to any vehicle with Toyota, Mitsubishi. Mercedes Benz, Ferrari and Lamborghini’s rocking these wheels.


Here are just some of our recent customers rocking the Simmons FR-1.

Simmons_Wheels_AutoCraze Simmons_Wheels_AutoCraze Simmons_Wheels_AutoCraze

AUSSIE CLASSIC // HSV SV6000 by AutoCraze

This customer’s limited edition HSV SV6000 is a mint machine. Having only picked it up, it’s factory original yellow paint comes complete with bogy-coloured lateral body stripes. Equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, this LS2 powered VZ hangs it out with little to no traction!

Fitted up with a set of 20″ Simmons FR1 in a Satin Black finish, next up was to help this boat gain some stability around the corners. AutoCraze supplied and fitted up a set of XYZ coilovers to drop the overall height of the car and had it set up to hug the corners a little better.


Simmons_Wheels_AutoCraze Simmons_Wheels_AutoCraze Simmons_Wheels_AutoCraze Simmons_Wheels_AutoCraze

LOW & JUICY // FPV XR8 by AutoCraze

The Citric Acid paint on this XR8 is a pure classic. One of the nicest factory colours to come out on the Falcons. This customer made sure the rest of the car looked the part.

After slamming the car on it’s guts, a set of wheels were next on the cards. AutoCraze put a classic wheel on a classic car. The Simmons FR1 in Gloss Black with Machined Lip all wrapped in Achilles ATR Sport 2.


Simmons_Wheels_AutoCraze Simmons_Wheels_AutoCraze Simmons_Wheels_AutoCraze Simmons_Wheels_AutoCraze


JDM LEGENDS // 84′ Mazda RX7 Savanna x AutoCraze

Most young drivers choose a more modern car to drive while on their provisionals. Then there are customers like Corey, who’s grown up to love classic rotaries. These cars require not only patience, but an appreciation for nostalgia. With a thorough attention to detail, you can see that this SA22 has been looked after and cared for.

To freshen up the look with a modern twist, a set of 18″ Simmons FR1 in Gunmetal with Polished Lip was fitted up in a staggered setup to fill out the guards nicely. Next on the cards is definitely a lower suspension setup!

Simmons_Wheels_AutoCraze Simmons_Wheels_AutoCraze Simmons_Wheels_AutoCraze Simmons_Wheels_AutoCraze

Check out this customer’s tough Clubsport that came through the AutoCraze workshop. Sam wanted to beef up her baby with a set of rims that would set it off. Keeping it classy, a set of 22″ Simmons FR1 was equipped, in a Gold Face with Polished Lip that completely transformed the look of this car. The gold works perfectly against the white canvas.

►Staggering Simmons

Simmons FR-1 wheels are an awesome wheel which is made to order in whichever specification the owner desires. These Simmons Wheels make the perfect solution to replace your current stock wheels and will really give your vehicle that extra bit of personality. Staggered fitments are a huge part of the appeal of Simmons wheels with a variety of customisation options for perfect fitment. Never be limited by your wheels again.


690RWHP 20B TURBO RX3 from Performance Garage with a staggered set of FR-1’s with a deep dish in the rear.


►Simmons 3 Piece Wheels

Simmons wheels have an array of 3 piece wheels in their lineup which include many other styles as opposed to the classic FR1 series Simmons wheels. Their 3 piece range is outlined below:

Simmons Wheels B45



Simmons Wheels B45 are available in 15” – 18” sizes. These wheels are highly customisable with widths ranging from 4” all the way up to 12.5”. These Simmons wheels will allow you to achieve the look you want for your car. Offsets are custom made to any specification and the centres are painted in whichever colour you prefer. For its rivets, you have a choice of either black or chrome. This is simply customisation at its best!

Simmons Wheels F90


Simmons Wheels F90 are available in 16” sizes only so will suit small to medium sized vehicles. These wheels are highly customisable with widths ranging from 4” all the way up to 12.5”. Once again, the colour, offset and rivet options are at your discretion and will allow you to perfect the fitment on your vehicle. The Simmons wheels stepped dish demands attention and certainly deserves it!

Simmons Wheels OM



OM series Simmons Wheels are available in 17” – 22” sizes and will compliment larger vehicles. These wheels are highly customisable with widths ranging from 4” all the way up to 12.5”. Furthermore, offset, colour and rivet options are completely up to the buyer! The mesh style design will give a European inspired, classic look to any vehicle, be it JDM, AUDM and EDM.

Simmons Wheels V5



Simmons Wheels V5 are available in 15” and 16” sizes only so will suit small to medium sized vehicles. These wheels are highly customisable with widths ranging from 4” all the way up to 12.5”. Once again, the colour, offset and rivet options are at your discretion and will allow you to perfect the fitment on your vehicle. The Simmons wheels stepped dish demands attention and certainly deserves it!

►AutoCraze: Where Style Meets Performance

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