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Nexen tyres is known as the “Next Century Tyre” for a reason. Established in 1942, Nexen tyres is world renown for innovation and state of the art manufacturing. Want proof? They are the first tyre company in the world to sweep four of the world’s top design awards including IDEA (2014), G-Mark (2013), Dot Design (2012) and IF Design (2011). In 2005, Nexen was awarded a patent for technology to manufacture rubber silicate nano-composite tyres. All this means is that Nexen tyres are innovators of both design and engineering in tyres. When buying Nexen tyres, you are buying quality and style. Dedicated to developing safe and eco-friendly products, to ensure that families and individuals reach their destination safely while enjoying a smooth and comfortable ride.


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Nexen Passenger Tyres 

Nexen tyres for passenger vehicles features an innovation simple in its concept, but brilliant in its function. Dimples on the tread act to distribute heat evenly across the tyre to prevent abnormal wear, which in turn, extends the strength and life of the tyre for all season driving. The Groove serration provides stability and the lateral groove design offers a peaceful, confident and comfortable ride.

Here are some of our recommendations on our Nexen Passenger tyres;

The CP661 is Nexen’s bang for buck value tyre, and is engineered for high performance when the summer heat is on. Confident cornering and stable handling is made possible by the center block. A straight center rib elevates handling. Traction is assured when it’s wet; the CP661’s organic style lateral grooves and 4 straight wide grooves upgrade drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance.

The CP641 has a higher performance rating than the CP661. This tyre utilizes a directional tread design offering superior hydroplaning resistance at high-speed driving. The straight wide grooves further enhance driving performance in wet weather, providing excellent drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance. The CP641’s dual center rib increases directional stability, while the optimized sectional design reduces pattern noise.



Nexen SUV/Light Truck Tyres 

Nexen’s SUV/Light truck tyres delivers reliability and better handling for these heavy monsters. Having excellent water drainage patterns and main grooves allows the tyre to hug the road for better traction when quick maneuvering is required. The shoulder designs incorporates ribbing and a heat discharge function to dissipate heat and improve cornering performance at high speeds. For the All-terrain tyres, the deep grooves combats the demands of mud and rougher terrain. Super rigid tread block designs maximize load durability while the zig-zag shoulder blocks and wide grooves accomplish outstanding driving capabilities on and off roads – wet or dry.

Here are some of our recommendations on our Nexen SUV/Light truck tyres;

The Roadian tyre range is a high rigidity tyre for the exclusive use of RV/SUVs. The tyre’s rim protector allows for perfect running performance on rough roads; wide grooves and 1 semi-groove assist directional driving stability at high speeds.



Nexen High Performance Tyre

Nexen’s high performance tyre have excellent dry and wet traction capabilities. These tyres are supported by an increasing shoulder block stiffness, this distributes pressure evenly and ensures maximum cornering performance. Along with the rigid shoulders, the silica compound and design works in tandem to assure driver confidence on wet and dry roads. Proving exceptional as a summer tyre it may also be efficient through a sudden storm. The wide straigh grooves yield excellent water drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance.

Here are some of our recommendations on our Nexen high performance tyres;

The N7000 provides peak performance for all season passenger car driving. The round block edge produces a quiet and comfortable ride while the tire’s rigid shoulder block enhances stability and hugs those turns.



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