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After a fresh set of Mini cooper rims? AutoCraze offers a wide range of wheels & tyres to suit your charismatic Mini. Cooper’s are distinguishable, the contrast of colours on the body and roof work well turning heads at every corner you turn. So the next most effective change is to change how the Mini sits. 


Jealous Looks | Mini Cooper Rims

AutoCraze have a huge range of Mini Cooper rims that will really make YOUR Mini distinguishable. Rims from BBS, CSA, King, OX, PDW, Speedy, SSW, TSW, XXR and many more! There are astounding silvers, blues, blacks and reds, and then there are the matte or chromium finishes for an even more aggressive impression. 


A popular choice of MINI cooper rims are the BBS CS-4 with the machined face. We know that BBS has the best track record in terms of durability and designs that last for decades. Their wheels have been designed so that they are strong but not heavy which makes the handling of the mini even better. Rest assured that all our wheels have been load rated and comply with Australian standards because your safety is our number one concern. 


There’s an immense selection of Mini Cooper rims to choose from, our specialized staff are customer-centric and understand the hardships around understanding the Mini Cooper rims required. If you know the model of your car than we are able to accustom to the size, width, diameter and offset to fit to how you would like it; wider, lower, stanced, meaty or stock standard. The Cooper has a bolt pattern of 4×100 which can be equipped with 15″-18″ wheel in diameter at 5.5″-8″ wide. Along with the Mini Cooper rims we can supply the tyre you need, whether it is for the track, highway or city driving. Changing just the Mini Cooper rims makes a huge impact on the overall cars appearance. Emphasizing on the cars contrasting colours and bringing out the hidden accents that match your wheels.


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AutoCraze is your number ONE source for wheels & tyres at competitive prices so that you would get the best value for your hard earned money. Our website is easy to use, navigating for the correct Mini Cooper rims cannot be any easier. We have built a strong relationship towards our suppliers to bring you, the end-user, genuine recognizable brands that perform well. Offering you a wide selection, maximizing value for money.

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