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You can always find a set of mag wheels 4WD at AutoCraze at the most competitive prices on the market! The latest designs from brands across the world are continuously hitting our stores and there are over 30 new styles of quality cheap concave wheels being added into our online stores each month, keep coming back to see what new trends are taking the automotive scene by storm.

There’s no room for second-guessing when you’re out on the trail. If you want to make it back in one piece, your mind has to be on the task at hand—not worrying about what other people are thinking about your ride. Nothing bores people more than factory rims… it’s time to step up your game and add some aftermarket accessories onto your 4WD beast – and it’s the perfect time to start with a set of mag wheels 4WD.

Keep your mind on the rocks and the internal performance of your 4WD and let us take care of the externals, the visuals, because that’s what AutoCraze do best!


Toyota Hilux with Black Rhino Glamis wheels!

AutoCraze is your one-stop shop with some of the best mag wheels 4WD for sale! As enthusiasts, here at AutoCraze we understand the love you have for your 4WD. The amount of time and dedication going into your off-roader is unmistakable and shown through the list of mods you have; from your bullbar, LED light strips, lift kit, roof racks, custom grille and bash plate, the list of aftermarket accessories is endless! Our sole purpose is to make the transition from stock standard to modified monster as easy a process for you as possible. Choose from such brands as KMC Wheels, Fuel Wheels, TUFF Wheels, Ballistic Wheels, Lenso Wheels, OX Wheels and so much more!



Perfect Combination! Ford Ranger with Fuel Marverick wheels

AutoCraze keeps the list of Aftermarket accessories for your 4WD going with some of the toughest mag wheels 4WD on the market! Pick from over 5000 wheels and 3000 tyres to suit your road monster, all products are properly load-rated and in compliance with Australian standards to ensure your beast can explore the roughest and rugged Australian outback with ease.

All mag wheels 4WD packages’ come fitted and balanced, which means that when they arrive at your door, all you need to do is put them on your vehicle like you would a spare tyre! Our mag wheels 4WD also have a lifetime structural guarantee – we know how important this is to you off-roading junkies! It’s this peace of mind that you need to hit the rocks harder. Our ‘worry-free’ shipping also means that we take the time to wrap all of our products with foam to ensure that they arrive to you in perfect condition, after all… there is nothing worse than excitedly awaiting a package and having it arrive to you worse for wear. Quality and convenience are the most important values at AutoCraze; everything we do, say, and sell are based on these principles!

Check Out AutoCraze Fitting a Set of Fuel Hostage Wheels on a Volkswagen Amarok

Like what you see in the video above? Our 4WD experts specialise in finding the perfect fitment for you so that your ride looks exactly how you envision it to look! Whether you like your wheels sitting flush with the guards or prefer the look of an aggressive fitment, our specialists have years of industry knowledge to help you make the right choice every time.


AutoCraze’s Range of Mag Wheels for Your 4WD | Our Favourite Brands



L to R: T-01, T-05, T-07, T-10, T-14 and T-16

TUFF All-Terrain wheels have become one of the fastest growing brands in the US of late; with their uncompromising style and bold colour options, these mag wheels 4WD are a customisable dream! The endless options of interchangeable inserts and logo emblem means that you can virtually create any wheel to suit your personality and lifestyle.

Here’s a brief look at some of the best sellers in the TUFF All-Terrain range;

▻ TUFF T-01 – This is TUFF All-Terrain wheel’s most popular choice to date! These mag wheels 4WD have a superb concave design with contrasting bolts and coloured inserts. No matter if you decide to go with the machined, solid black or chrome finish as the base, there is a whopping 17 colour combinations that you have to choose from. Shown above is the machined base with red inserts. Available in sizes 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 20″ and 22″.


Look at that concave! TUFF T-05 Wheels

▻ TUFF T-05 – What do you get when you mix rugged good looks with the cleanliness of a sports wheel? The T-05 wheel of course! Truly stand out from the crowd with its sophisticated 8-spoke design that will speak volumes about your sense of style. Available in a huge variety of finishes, they come in 16″, 17″, 20″ and a huge 24″.

▻ TUFF T-07 – These tough as nails mag wheels for your 4WD have an aggressiveness that cannot be surpassed. Tough ladder like spokes adorn the wheel and the huge ‘TUFF’ centrecap is the icing on the cake. Available in a beautiful satin black finish, it comes in 17″, 20″ and 22″.

▻ TUFF T-10 – Another wheel with rugged good looks is the T-10. Featuring 5 solid spokes in a concave design, these mag wheels 4WD come in 9 different colour combinations that are all unique in their own way. What’s even better, they come in 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 20″, 22″ and an amazing 26″!!

▻ TUFF T-14 – These mag wheels 4WD would be a beautiful addition to any vehicle! Featuring a stunning 8-spoke design with accent milling and rivets adorning the rim, the T-14 wheels were created from high quality aluminium and were made to withstand the harsh Australian terrain.

▻ TUFF T-16 – The T-16 wheels are huge, aggressive and overpowering – but in a good way! Featuring 6 massive split-spokes, they are available in a beautiful satin black with machined flange and a satin gunmental with satin black flange. In sizes 17″, 20″ and 22″, the T-16 should be at the top of everyone’s wishlist.



L to R: Vector, Turbo, Anza, Beast, Formula and Dune

Fuel Off- road manufactures the most advanced off- road 4WD rims for Hilux in Australia, offering the latest in design and engineering innovations on the market. Fuel wheels Australia was founded in 2009 by MHT Luxury Alloys, one of the most trusted and time- tested names in the business. Fuel wheels in Australia has been capturing the attention of off road enthusiasts and Toyota Hilux owners with their cutting edge designs, fitments, and technological advancements.

Here’s a brief run-down of the wheels above in the Fuel Wheels range;


Check out those spikes! The Intimidating Fuel Vector Wheels

▻ Fuel Vector – The Fuel Vector is a wheel with grit that will take the off-roading world by storm. The Vector 4WD mags feature a unique 12-spoke design that would add a tough but sophisticated flair to any daily workhorse. Coming in 17″, 18″ and 20″, the Vector wheels will fit a number of 5 and 6 stud vehicles and to finish it off, they are available in a sleek matte black and a contrasting machined face with matte black lip.

▻ Fuel Turbo – The Fuel Turbo wheels are a sight to be seen! Featuring a stunning 8-spoke design in a windmill style formation, the wheels have an alternating black and milled pattern that will really make your 4WD stand out from the crowd. Sizes available include 20″ for a menacing addition to your ride.

▻ Fuel Anza – The split 5-spoke design with a milled simulated beadlock around the rim lip is a design that has taken the off-roading world by storm. Get the beadlock look without the crazy price tag with a set of Fuel Anza 4WD mags.

▻ Fuel Beast – One of the most popular wheels in the range! It boasts a one-piece forged aluminium construction and its simple yet elegant 6-spoke design is both aggressive and eye-catching. Available in 17″, 18″, 20″ and 22″, the finish of ‘DARK TINT’ is exclusive to Fuel!

▻ Fuel Formula – What is there not to love about the Fuel Formula wheels! The narrow 10-spoke design with a beefy outer lip is a homage to contemporary design and resembles that of a track wheel; somehow it works with 4WD beasts and compliments that aggressive lifted look to a tee. Available in 17″ and 20″, the one-piece forged aluminium construction is strong and will never let you down.

▻ Fuel Dune – The Fuel Dune wheels are available in 17″ and 20″ and feature a 6-spoke design that has curves in all the right places. These 4WD mags come in black & milled, machined black and PVD finishes that will accentuate the look of your off-roading beast. PVD is a much lighter version of chrome plating which means that your wheels won’t ever weigh you down in the mud – another exclusive Fuel finish!

The Types of Tyres For Your 4WD

Most of us spend hours on the road, whether that be on your daily commute to work, around town or on those crazy dirt tracks. So much time is spent in your vehicle that it is crucial you put the right set of tyres on them; performance, safety and peace of mind are all things you should value when weighing up the options. Let’s have a look at the different types of tyres on the market to accompany those mag wheels 4WD and how they differ from each other in terms of performance and different surfaces.


Types of Tyres for Your 4WD

Basically the choice is yours! Depending on your situation and needs, the guide above will be able to give you an idea of what tyres you need to go with your mag wheels 4WD. All tyres have their pros and cons, so it is best to weigh up the factors based on the main type of surface that you drive your beast on.

Highway Terrain tyres are ideal for city driving and if you occasionally hit the dirt track, they will get you through much better than your standard tyres, as the tread is only slightly more raised than your standard road tyre, dirt can build up quite quickly and you could lose a bit of grip off-road.

The Mud Terrain tyres are sturdy, grippy and are perfect for all your off-roading escapades! It’s insanely chunky thread is aggressive and will look perfect accompanied by a set of mag wheels 4WD that you purchase online. Ideal of off-road use, they can be quite noisy and can fling up rocks when driven on the highway.

All Terrain tyres are a great mix of both highway and off-road driving. Providing good grip on all surfaces, they are the most popular choice for 4WD owners all over the world.

Benefits of All-Terrain Tyres

Multifunctional Use – Although they do perform best on highways, they are also quite useful in off-roading situations; this means that your weekends just got better.
Puncture Resistant – All Terrain tyres are tougher and more resistant to punctures from rough terrain.
Better Traction – Bigger thread than your average road tyres, All Terrain tyres have the ability to expel large amounts of mud, snow or rock.

AutoCraze: Where Style Meets Performance

Here are just some of the reasons why AutoCraze is the first choice for our customers looking for Mag wheels 4WD;

 Guaranteed Fitment – ‘Right The First Time’, No wheel fitment issues for people looking for mag wheels 4WD when you order from us!
 Best Prices Guaranteed on all mag wheels 4WD
 All wheels Load Rated
 Free Installation Kit – Free with all wheels and products purchased
 Expert Knowledge of all mag wheels 4WD
 Dedicated Customer Service Team
 Largest Selection of wheels on the Market
 Biggest Brands in the wheel and tyre industry
 Largest Wheel Fitment Range
 ‘Worry Free’ Shipping – All items purchased will be packaged securely and handled with great care. All packaging on mag wheels 4WD purchased will be certified by our Quality Assurance Team
 Free Shipping Australia-wide*

*terms & conditions apply



With over 5000 wheels and over 3000 tyres, our range of wheels and tyres are the biggest in Australia. These include industry leading brands to accommodate all types of budgets and all vehicles. With such a huge range, you’ll find a style that suits your tastes including dish, concave, thick spoke, thin spokes and hundreds of colour to choose from.

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rims100% FITMENT GUARANTEE

Regardless if you buy online or in store, our fitment guarantee assures that your wheel and tyres will fit your vehicle properly. Our comprehensive database of wheels and tyres online make buying wheels and tyres easy. All you have to do is select your vehicle make, model and desired wheel size, and all the wheels and tyres you see are guaranteed to fit your vehicle.

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rimsIN-HOUSE EXPERTS

With over 30 years combined experience in the wheel and tyre industry, our in-house experts really know their stuff. We ask the right questions that others won’t, to provide the perfect fitment that comply with all Australian standards according to your specifications guaranteed. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email ( or over the phone (1800 099 634) for solutions, options and the best recommendations for your vehicle

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rimsFREE FITTING AND BALANCING

For all our wheels and tyre packages, you can have peace of mind of not worrying about the additional costs of fitting. We make installing your wheel and tyre packages easy. For extra convenience, we can deliver straight to your door. All you have to do is jack up your vehicle and you can install our wheel and tyre package straight onto your car like changing a spare tyre. We also provide a free installation kit which includes wheel nuts and hub rings to save you the additional cost.

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rimsSECURE PAYMENTS

AutoCraze ensures that all our customers are protected with secure payments. With fast, easy and secure payments with Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Geotrust, E-way and Zipmoney we ensure your information is safe.

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rims INTEREST FREE FINANCE

Interest Free Finance is now available at AutoCraze meaning you can buy now and pay later. Take advantage of our sales today! No credit cards. No deposits. Secure. Be approved within 3 minutes! 


Load rating is vital to a vehicles safety. We guarantee that all our retail and online purchases are load rated and comply with Australian standards*. This means you can feel confident that you are getting quality products that are safe for your vehicle.

autocraze_wheels_tyres_rimsFREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA-WIDE*

Save even more when you buy anything on our online store or over the phone with free shipping Australia-wide* (t&c’s apply). All wheels and tyres are packaged by our quality assurance team who lovingly package your products so you don’t have to worry about damage and that it’s in perfect condition when it arrives.


AutoCraze is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. Regardless of where you are in Australia, we will have a fitting and balancing partner near you to have the added convenience of local fitting.

In keeping with the times, we know how important it is to you to have the proper tyre pressure sensors fitted onto your new tyres. No matter what vehicle you have and if you purchased online or in-store, upon request, we can provide for you genuine tyre pressure sensors.




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