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Are you looking for the premium place for all Mag Wheel Services in Australia? Need someone to take care of your souped up pride and joy at the lowest prices? AutoCraze is here to save you time and money with our complete Mag Wheel Services packages to complete the level of customisation and personalisation you want!

At AutoCraze, we aim to be the one-stop shop for automotive lifestyle enthusiasts. You can trust with our over 30 years combined experience in the automotive industry, that we really know what it takes to help you achieve your car dreams. That’s why we offer a massive range of services for our customers! Our main store is in Sydney with plans to expand all across Australia.

VE Wheels


Wheel fitting and balancing

Unbalanced wheels are a major cause of tyre wear and tear and can increase deterioration of shock absorbers, steering components and struts impacting performance and fuel efficiency. If you have increased vibration and steering difficulties, then you may urgently need wheel balancing. At AutoCraze, our expert technicians ensure you get perfect wheel distribution to get that smooth ride. Free Wheel Fitment & Balancing on all Wheel Packages, claim yours today!


Caliper Painting

Caliper Painting is an excellent way to have that higher level of customisation you want. It’s attention to detail like this that will really elevate your ride to the next level. Brake calipers can fade over time and really make your car look washed out. AutoCraze have massive experience in Caliper Painting and can make them looking brand new in no time. We only use quality paint that uses a protective coating to resist chips and primers that does not crack.




Car Lowering

Car lowering makes a massive part in car modification. It can really change the look and feel of your ride. Car Lowering is just another one of AutoCraze’s magnificent range of mag wheel services and our inhouse experts have a deep knowledge and understanding of car lowering specifics. AutoCraze has car lowering modifications and options for all types of budgets. Spring compression or spring reset involves heating and retempering your current springs to a height that you want and is a massive way to save money on car lowering. We also offer utilising aftermarket lowered springs which are pre-set springs to a height of choice or needs.


Steel wheel painting

Through our partners at AutoCraze, we do steel wheel painting to bring your rims back to life. If you’re finding that your rims are starting to look flat, AutoCraze and their partners have joined to reinvigorate your rims and really put you back on the road at reduced prices.




Wheels, Tyres and Car accessories

Wheels, Tyres and car accessories is our name of the game. We are absolute nuts for the high level of customisation for Wheels and Tyres. Our online store was designed so that you can find what you need as quickly as possible. Visit our online store, for the sickest deals on the most reputable brands in Australia and across the globe. For that certain style and flair all at up to 50 – 60% off, AutoCraze is the number one choice.

Don’t hesitate with AutoCraze. With easy returns, free shipping Australia-wide* on a range of over  2500 wheels and 2000 tyres, you’ll be crazy not to choose AutoCraze. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are there to help with any of your enquiries.

You’re not just buying satisfaction with AutoCraze, you’re buying security and a high level of professionalism that will help achieve your exact customisation needs. Breathe new life into your ride and make it the meanest, most aggressive style out without breaking the bank. If you would like further information on our Mag Wheel Services click here.


Call 1800 099 634 or visit our online store to see our amazing range of Mag Wheel Services and how you can save on our selection of Mag Wheels and Tyres!