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Release your inner demon, grab a set of HSV rims from AutoCraze and let your soul run free.
AutoCraze is your automotive lifestyle store, made up of car enthusiasts who understand the love you have for your HSV. With years of countless technological advances, we have finally hit the final pin on Australian delivered HSV vehicles. Going out with a bang, the new Gen-F HSV is equipped with a 6.2L V8 motor with a Supercharger strapped to it. Help get the power to the ground with a set of HSV rims from AutoCraze, with wide widths and specific offsets to give you traction when you need it most.


AutoCraze has the biggest range of HSV rims available in our online store. At the convenience of your own home, you can search up HSV rims that specifically suit your car. The HSV range packs a punch, with it’s LS-powered heart, these vehicles are equipped with huge Brembo brakes with enough power to stop raging lion in its tracks. A combination of HSV rims and sticky tyres need to be packaged up to work hand in hand to keep the beast tamed. AutoCraze can provide our HSV customers with the best range of HSV rims ready to be put straight onto your vehicle.


The Rivalry Lives On..

From the beginning of time, Ford & Holden have been battling it out to see who would come out on top as the toughest, fastest and most alpha V8 powered Australian built vehicle. Both on and off track, these two manufacturers have an undying rivalry which doesn’t look like it would end any time soon. To be the toughest kid on the block, a set of aftermarket HSV rims would perfectly compliment the elegantly aggressive bodyline of the HSV range. AutoCraze can help you beef up your vehicle with HSV rims that would make Ford owners buckle at the sight of your monstrous presence. Time to step it up, with a set of HSV rims from AutoCraze.


HSV Rims | Biggest Selection

AutoCraze has a huge selection of HSV rims to suit your style, whether it’d be a tough sporty wheel or a luxury style wheel, AutoCraze has you covered. Our fitment specialists have extensive knowledge on HSV vehicles so the HSV rims you buy from AutoCraze are guaranteed to fit under your guards. Depending on what style you prefer, a range of widths and offsets can be organised to have your HSV rims clearing the guards, sitting flush with the guards or even poking outside the guards. At AutoCraze we stock classic multi-spoke or deep dish HSV rims that would perfectly compliment your tough street weapon.



HSV Rims | Street Weapon

The lavish exterior of a HSV can be enhanced by a set of aftermarket HSV rims from AutoCraze. Wheels make or break the whole look of a car, so choosing the right set can be a tedious task. Thankfully, the team at AutoCraze is on a mission to make your HSV stand out from the crowd and turn heads all round. The range of HSV rims available at AutoCraze cater to all different styles to ensure that you are choosing the one that suits your car the most. Turn your HSV into a street weapon with a set of aftermarket HSV rims to drool over.



HSV Rims | Concave Sports Styling

A classic style that compliments the sporty nature of the HSV are concaved style wheels. Concave wheels refer to the deep curve present on a multi-spoke rim. These spokes curves aggressively from the centre of the hub right to the edge of the rim. A set of concave HSV rims can deliver an even more aggressive edge to the exterior of your HSV. A range of wide widths and low offsets can be implemented to achieve that perfect fitment you’re chasing. Stance refers to the characteristics of the way your wheels sit in relation to the height and body of your car. For a tight fitment with aggressive stance, wide wheels that sit right up against the guard need to be fitted with the car lowered so the guards sit right on top of the tyres. AutoCraze can organise a set of HSV rims that give your HSV an aggressive flair.



The owner of this HSV R8 Clubsport above came to AutoCraze looking for a tough wheel that is wide enough to be able to handle the extra horsepower that the supercharged LS is churning. Finding that he is losing traction in 3rd gear, he wanted the widest rear aftermarket HSV rims that would fit under the guards without extensive bodywork. Our fitment specialist did some research and came back with a solution to his problems. This Clubsport was fitted up with a set of HSV rims called Koya SF04. The fronts measured up to be 20×10 while the rears were a massive 20×11. The right offsets were chosen to make sure AutoCraze could fit on a pair of 275/30/20 Achilles tyres for extra grip when needed. Safe to say, this customer drove off with the biggest smile on his face as the supercharged boosts through the gears.

HSV Rims | Lux Life with Deep Dish

There are those who like to keep the sporty look of the HSV, and then there are those who like to live lavish. These are the drivers who deck their cars out with flashy deep dish rims that catches the attention of almost everyone that comes in the presence of their vehicle. Those kind of people turn to a set of deep dish HSV rims to keep their ride flashy. Deep dish wheels are a classic look that is timeless. You can never go wrong with a set of deep dish HSV rims, especially with the range available at AutoCraze. If you’ve been in the automotive scene, you would know the household name in HSV rims, Simmons. Simmons wheels have been pioneering the wheel industry for years on end, with HSV specific rims being a popular hit. These Simmons feature a classic 5 spoke face complimented gracefully by the polished lip that exaggerates the spokes.



HSV Rims | Breakin’ Necks Causin’ Wrecks

There are those who think cars are just a means of going from A to B. And then there are those, who believe cars are an extension of their personality. These are the people who go above and beyond to customise every aspect of their vehicle to make it their own. Here at AutoCraze, we understand the love you have for your HSV. We know that you live and breathe cars, so a set of HSV rims would be on the cards sooner or later depending on your vision. Most people just choose a set of HSV rims, throw them on and be done with the look of the car. Others, however, go that extra mile to find those perfect HSV rims that fulfills their vision of their masterpiece. Wide body conversions have taken the world by storm in the recent years, drawing influence from many Japanese and American workshops. Only a rare breed of enthusiasts that are ballsy enough slice into their clean machine.



This Maloo is an example of a creative masterpiece. It sports a custom designed front and rear fender flares which makes it look like this Maloo has been competing in the World Bodybuilding Championship! With extra wide fenders comes custom sized wheels to match. There are only few HSV rims that could be customised to the correct sizing. AutoCraze can source and organise HSV rims that are wide enough to achieve that perfect fitment. Depending on the look you are after, the team at AutoCraze aims to take your car to the next level.

AutoCraze | Industry Innovators

The team at AutoCraze has a combined experience of over 30 years, dealing with cars of all makes & models. Those HSV enthusiasts have turned to AutoCraze to get fitted up with some of the most stylish wheels in the market. Our extensive knowledge of the science behind wheels, tyres & suspension mean that we can help you achieve the exact look you are going for with your HSV rims, whether you prefer a tucked look, flush look or even poke look where the wheels sit aggressively outside the guard. Our online store has been designed to make it easier for you to choose wheels that actually clear those big Brembos on the HSV models, at the comfort of your own home. Sit back and scroll through the huge selection of HSV rims available at AutoCraze. All wheels are load rated and comply with Australian standards so reassured these wheels won’t fail on the streets. With FREE shipping* available Australia wide, there’s no better time to complete the look of your beast than now!

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