Holden Commodore Wheels and Tyres

Deck out your Commodore with Wheels and Tyres!

AutoCraze has been actively involved with the Australian car scene for many years, catering to the most popular Australian muscle car, the Holden Commodore. Trends come and go, but AutoCraze bring to you the latest and greatest in wheels and tyres for your Commodore. All wheels are load rated and made to fit your Commodore, with special deals online for FREE shipping Australia wide (Conditions Apply).

commodore wheels and tyres

Hottest Wheels and Tyres for Commodore

Freshen up your Holden Commodore with a brand new set of wheels and tyres from AutoCraze. Have your car looking tough with the biggest range of wheels and tyres, with an assortment of styles to suit your need. All wheels from AutoCraze comply with the Australian Standard (Conditions Apply), so you can be assured that your car will be safe on our roads. A shift in style has brought upon a variety of wheels for your Commodore. Deep dish and concave wheels have become the top sellers for the Australian Commodore, as more people understand the concept of flush stance. This means that wheels are wide with low offset to fill up the guards and sit nice and close. This makes your Commodore look aggressive and tough.

Autocraze has the biggest range of Holden Commodore wheels and Tyres to suit anyone and have over 300 different type of Commodore wheels and tyre packages .

AutoCraze also offers staggered fitments and over 200 different style of wheels and tyres and various sizes ranging from 18 inch to 22 inch.

Auto Craze also offers the following for Holden Commodore wheels and Tyres free fitting and balancing on all packages bought .
Holden Commodore with King Hostile- Autocraze

Don’t forget to pick the right tyres!

Buying a brand new set of wheels comes with the responsibility of choosing the right tyres. AutoCraze has made things easier by selecting tyres for your wheels in wheel and tyre packages for your Commodore. Basic value for money tyres are automatically chosen for your Commodore, which features long life as well as tyre patterns to ensure your car is safe in dry and wet conditions. Upgrade options are also available for those Commodore ‘s which are high performance, such as the Clubsport or Maloo. These high performance Commodores need high performance tyres to get the power to the ground. These tyres include Bridgestone and Pirelli, which are top of the line to ensure traction is there when needed.


Autocraze’s main objective is to make sure the buying experience is as quick and easy as possible. This will be done by implementing the following standards;

1. Guaranteed Fitment – Right The First Time; No fitment issues when you order from us
2. Best Prices Guaranteed
3. All Wheels Load Rated
4. Free Installation Kit – Free with all wheels and wheel and tyre packages purchased
5. Expert Knowledge of Products
6. Dedicated Customer Service Team
7. Largest Selection of Wheels on the Market – Over 50 Brands of wheels ranging from 15-22 inches
8. Biggest Brands in Business
9. Wheel Fitment Range – Our wheels will fit cars from 1950’s up until the newest luxury cars on the market
10. Worry Free Shipping – All items purchased will be packaged securely and handheld with great care. All packaging will be certified by our Quality Assured Team
11. Free Shipping Australia-wide (conditions apply)

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