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High End Rims | Top Class Style at the Lowest Prices at AutoCraze!

AutoCraze is the premier store for wheels, tyres and car accessories. AutoCraze’s range high end rims such as BBS, Rays Engineering and ADV-1 and so much more is a reason why they’re a trusted seller and the number one place for the next level of style and performance.



BBS is a world renowned rim company based in Germany. Started in 1970, BBS is a three letter acronym formed from the surnames of the 2 original founders and original location of the first factory. BBS have a high quality of standards that every rim is made to, and with over 35 years of racing experience and an accumulated expertise in wheel design, BBS is a company that prides themselves in their workmanship. And it absolutely shows in the quality of their wheels.


RAYS Engineering 

RAYS Engineering is one of Japans leading rim companies. Founded in 1979, RAYS Engineering have focused on making rims to suit motorsports such as F1, Japanese touring car championship (JTCC) and many more. They have focused on the street car community all over the world and have also made rims for car company’s in-house tuning teams such as Nismo, STI, Mazdaspeed and TRD




Advance One Wheels or better known as ADV.1, was founded in 2009 and are a rim manufacture that focus on the high end luxury cars. ADV.1 are famous for their aggressive wheel fitments. The company’s corporate headquarters, design facilities and offices are located in Miami, Florida and the manufacturing, assembly and quality operations are based in Los Angeles, California. ADV.1 offers a huge variety of rim sizes, styles, configurations and finishes.


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