Concave Wheels


Wheels are like clothes and fashion, their styles come and go. The days of chrome wheels are slowly diminishing and have been replaced with the notion of concave wheels. Concave styled wheels have rapidly become the newest trend in aftermarket wheels worldwide. Concave wheels have changed the wheel game forever and replaces the classic but outdated look of typical dished wheels. Concave wheels provides the vehicles with the ultimate depth whilst at the same time maintaining the functionality and rigidity of aftermarket style wheels. In the 21st century, we are now witnessing the ever increasing popularity of these concave wheels on all makes and models, especially on European cars.

They encompass three main segments in the construction of concave wheels, the outer barrel, inner barrel and lastly the wheel face. The manufacturing process that concave wheels undergo is very similar to that of monoblock forged wheels, save for the fact that monoblock wheels emerge slightly lighter. The wheel assembling process commences after the concave wheels face has been cut. The outer barrels and the inner barrels are sealed with an airtight silicone to RTV to secure them. Perimeter bolts are then used to fasten the concave wheels face to the barrels.


At AutoCraze, we understand that there are customers who absolutely love concave wheels for their vehicles and as such we will endeavour to provide these individuals with the best concave wheels on the market. We can source most concave wheels, some custom made to order and we also have a team of fitment and tyre specialists to provide you with the best advice for when it comes down to specifications and sizing. We have been assisting customers with all their concave wheels requirements due to our years of experience in the industry and most importantly our undeniable passion for anything automotive. This is what sets AutoCraze apart from the others! We will go above and beyond to source the best set of concave wheels for all your vehicle’s requirements.

Subtle Elegance | AutoCraze’s Top Picks

XXR 535


This Toyota Supra pictured above has opted for a set of XXR 535 which are an awesome set of concave wheels. They are a sharp concave, five spoke design with a deep cut lug pocket. XXR wheels are offered in aggressive widths and offsets which will make them the perfect set of wheels for flush fitments. These concave wheels are available in Gold, Flat Black and Chromium Black finishes with wheels ranging from 16” to 18” sizes.

Concave Concept CC03

concave_wheels_autocrazeConcave Concept CC03 are a very popular choice of concave styled wheels for motoring enthusiasts. These wheels incorporate a 5 spoke design and are offered in both 18” and 19” sizes. They are also available in numerous offsets to ensure maximum concavity. Concave Concepts are offered in Flat Black, Bronze, Gunmetal Gray and Silver colours.

The AutoCraze Way

Spice up your vehicle with a brand new set of concave wheels! AutoCraze aims to bring you the best concave wheels in the market, at the lowest prices possible. Our team consists of knowledgeable representatives who provide friendly service to cater for every customer’s needs. Here are a few reasons as to why you should shop with us:

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