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If you’re searching for “cheap tyres Gold Coast”, then boy do we have something for you! At AutoCraze we provide wholesale prices on tyres at up to 50% off on over a range of 2000 tyres including Achilles, BF Goodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Falken, Goodyear, Gripmax, Hankook, Headway, Kumho, Michelin, Nexen, Nitto, Pirelli, Toyo, Unigrip, Yokohama and many more!

We also do this by sourcing our tyres from Australian delivered local stock. This means you’re not only supporting local businesses but you’re receiving a product that was made for Australian road conditions. When we talk about cheap tyres Gold Coast, it means we’re delivering tyres able to withstand the hot tropical conditions, Gold Coast is known for.

At AutoCraze, cheap tyres Gold Coast also means giving you the best possible product. Which is why our tyres all come with a new tyre build date*. There are common misconceptions and debate about tyre build date, that if store properly it does not matter. However there has been evidence to suggest that old tyres are more likely to failure due to exposure to the environment especially in tough conditions . At AutoCraze our tyres are 5 years old or younger*, which means they come with manufacturers warranty and made with the latest technologies. This is the AutoCraze difference!

If you’re browsing for “cheap tyres Gold Coast”, then here are our top picks for tyres recommended most by our customers;


Headway tyres are making a name for themselves in the Australian market. For our customers looking for cheap tyres Gold Coast, look no further than Headway tyres. Headway is distributed to more than 50 countries all over the world and have had a major impact on the European and United States market. Headway has been approved and recognized as a quality brand in particular for the amount of value they bring. Many of our customers are extremely surprised and pleased with their Headway tyres as they provide a smooth ride with relatively low noise. In the price range Headway tyres provides, there isn’t much better you’re going to find for customers looking for cheap tyres Gold Coast.

The HH301 and HU901 are one of the top sellers at AutoCraze gaining a reputation for being a fantastic value for money tyre. Try Headway today, you won’t be disappointed. We recommend them to all our customers look for “cheap tyres Gold Coast”.




As one of the best selling 4WD tyres recently, Gripmax has always taken great price in providing quality on and off-road products for truck, SUV and 4×4 owners. Gripmax is driven by passion and innovation. Gripmax was designed to cater for Australia’s tough road conditions for rural areas, especially mountain areas. Gripmax’s mission is carried out today by helping thousands of people to enjoy products that enhance their vehicle and provide off road capability to those who need it.

If you’re a 4×4/SUV driver looking for cheap tyres Gold Coast, then your looking for something reliable on both highway and off-road driving but also on a strict budget, Gripmax tyres has come recommended by our customers in particular those from rural areas who regularly face tougher road conditions. With great handling for it’s price range, Gripmax is first in it’s class. So for our 4×4 & SUV cheap tyres Gold Coast enquiries, Gripmax ticks all the boxes for great value, good quality and hard yakka price.




If you’re a Gold Coast resident looking for cheap tyres Gold Coast, then visit or call 1800 099 634 today. We’ll smash the competition on prices, quality and service guaranteed.

Cheap tyres Gold Coast? AutoCraze has you covered!

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