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If you’re looking for cheap rims in Melbourne, AutoCraze has over 1700 wheels at up to 50% off on our online store now! AutoCraze is nuts about fitment so that our customers get that hella flush or perfect gap customisation. This is achieved through expert technicians who really know their stuff as well as our massive fitment range of wheels. They range from 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″ and 22″, so whether you ride a small tuner to the biggest and most aggressive 4X4, we have the rim for you.


Elevate your ride to a whole new level of luxury and performance, and get the toughest and most neck turning rims in all of Melbourne. Don’t be ripped off by others looking to make a quick buck. AutoCraze was made for revheads looking for new styles and ways to customise their ride. You’ll find over 80 wheel finishes, including matte, chrome, flat, gold, black, bronze, white, red and many more!


There are many great reasons to buy Cheap Rims Melbourne at Auto Craze and down below are just some of the reasons:

    • Years of experience in the car industry
    • Friendly service from representatives who are keen and knowledgeable
    • Consistently updated blogs on the latest car trends and looks
    • A huge range of quality Mag Wheels to choose from
    • Load rated tyres that comply with strict Australian standards
    • A great selection of car accessories
    • Status on your Cheap Rims Melbourne order
    • Our price match guarantee
    • Easy exchanges and returns


Here at Auto Craze, as well as our partners at Auto Craze, stock some of the biggest names in the Mag Wheels industry. We sell Versus Wheels, King Wheels, TSW Wheels, Speedy Wheels, Inovit Wheels, Ballistic Wheels, ATX Wheels, OX Wheels, Roh Wheels and many more! No matter the car accessory, we have what you are looking for in regards to Cheap Rims Melbourne. We have Custom wheels, grilles, headlights, chrome accessories, air intakes, and exhaust systems; we’ve gathered all the things that unveil the beauty of your vehicle and wake up the beast inside its’ engine.

Want to give your car a unique look without breaking the bank?

Need a replacement tyre(s) for your current balding tyres?

Came here simply to learn what the BIG FUSS is about on Cheap Rims Melbourne?

Then websites like Auto Craze and Autocraze are for you!

Visit our online store today to see the special deals we have on Mag Wheels, tyres and other car accessories that are right for you!