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Black 4×4 Rims: Why Black 4WD Wheels Are Coming Back in 2016 | AutoCraze

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Black 4×4 rims are coming back in a big way in 2016 at AutoCraze. The timeless tough black wheel has evolved into more finishes to still stand out including matte, satin, anthracite and more.

Why are so many 4X4 drivers looking for black rims? With tough designs that have evolved
Advances in alloy wheels have made them stronger


You can find a huge range of over 5000 black 4×4 rims at AutoCraze.


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With new developments in innovative wheel designs, black 4×4 rims aren’t as boring as they use to be. Adding more deep concave, silver accents, enough dish to eat ramen noodles out of with and

Our range of 4×4 rims were designed for the off-road meaning they’re load rated and constructed with a lifetime structural warranty.