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Looking for unique Audi A6 Rims without breaking the bank? Look no further than AutoCraze!

With the new release of the new Audi A6 3.0 TDI Biturbo becoming one of the fastest diesel powered 4 door sedans on the market, AutoCraze can help you add a touch of class with a huge range of Audi A6 rims available. The Audi A6 has a timeless design, with its long and sleek body line, a set of aftermarket Audi A6 rims will definitely set your car apart from the crowd. Having a quality built vehicle means it is necessary to fit a quality built wheel and this is where AutoCraze comes in.

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Biggest Range of Audi A6 Rims

AutoCraze understands the compromise between getting the best Audi A6 rims and breaking the bank. We offer a huge range of aftermarket Audi A6 rims from the lower end of the spectrum to high quality and more expensive set of rims. All rims stocked at AutoCraze for the Audi A6 complies with all Australian Standards so we can ensure you stay safe on the roads. Whether you prefer a sporty look or to go for a more classy style, AutoCraze have the rims for you.

At an entry level, AutoCraze can offer different OEM replica style rims, such as the Audi RS4 or RS5. These rims are made at a high quality to give your Audi A6 a refresh without going over the top.

For a sporty look, the V8 M-Spec is your perfect choice. With it’s timeless multi-spoke design, these rims will compliment your Audi A6 perfectly without breaking the bank. The spokes on the M-Spec extend to the edge of the rim to add a sporty touch to a classic styled rim. Click here to view the V8 M-Spec Package.

If luxury is your style, we have the right rims to suit your needs. Check out the Inovit Force 5, one of the most demanded rims in the market for European cars. Available in Black with a Machined Face, this multispoke concave rim adds a touch of class to your Audi A6. The Silver Machined Face spokes compliment the Gloss Black to add an illusion of being a larger wheel. Click here to view the Inovit Force 5 Package.


AutoCraze is founded by a team of car enthusiasts with the main goal of serving our customers right. We offer a fitment guarantee, where all wheels are inspected by our technicians to ensure they correctly suit your Audi A6 without any issues. For buyers online, AutoCraze offers FREE SHIPPING Australia wide (Terms & Conditions Apply). All wheels are fitted and balanced in our workshop in Sydney, and they shipped out all across Australia.

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